Secrets to Finding and Winning Facebook Promotional Giveaways

Remember how I told you about my secret hobby as a sweeper? Even with an increasingly busy schedule, I make time to enter sweepstakes for about 20 minutes each day. [more]

Attempts to Escape the Clutches of Online Data Aggregators

There's a new crowd of web sharks on the prowl; they are effective, they are legal, and they want your data. Learn how to remove yourself from their jaws.

Google Reader invades your privacy and it's not going to stop

Before 12/14, Google Reader already had a "sharing" feature, which allows you to share posts with people that you had explicitly identified as friends you wanted to share

Money Matters: Why All the Secrecy?

As I alluded to in another article, I am amazed at how people will sit around the dinner table and openly share intimate details of their sex lives, medications, and even psychotherapy before they'll divulge their income. [more]

The Not-So-Private Parts

Raise your hand if you’ve never used Google or any of its services, don’t belong to any social network (including sites like Flickr, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), don’t have (