rural living

How Inconvenience Helped Me Save Money

I live in a rural area where a family grocery store, two pizza shops, a Chinese restaurant, a Dollar Store, and one gas station/convenience store are our only retail establishments. [more]

Live Where It's Cheap

More effective than giving up luxuries, using coupons, choosing store brands, or buying in bulk, the most powerful enabler of frugal living is to live where it's cheap. [more]

Effective Networking in a One-Horse Town

[Editor's note:  If you recently lost your job, take a look at Wise Bread's collection of tips and resources for the recently laid off.] My dad still conducts business via “a handshake and a smile” and prides himself on being a man o [more]

Rural living in a world with expensive fuel

Rising fuel costs are hard on everybody, but one group gets hit especially hard:  Rural folks--especially rural folks who work in town.  On my previous posts on expensive fuel, commenters have said that, even after doing all the stuff I tal [more]

Plumas County: Hidden (Cheaper) California

I’m going to let you in on my biggest secret to living large on a tiny budget. [more]