A Stimulating Debate That Just Might Boil Down To Perception

Regardless of where you stand on the debate, one thing is for certain - no one really knows how the current tax break incentives will play out in terms of stimulating the economy. [more]

Obama Eases Treasury Costs with At-Home Money Printing Stimulus

Everyone is feeling the economic crunch these days, and that includes the Treasury department. [more]

The Economic Stimulus Bill: Will The Heavy Debt Be Worth It?

In recent weeks, I've gotten into some great discussions with people about the stimulus bill that was cobbled together by Congress last week.   At one point, one of the proposed versions of the package grew to a staggering $900 billion unti [more]

Will the "Buy American" clause in the stimulus bill create or destroy jobs?

Tomorrow on February 17th  President Obama plans to sign the $787 billion stimulus bill recently passed by Congress.  One controversial portion of the bill is a clause for the public works and infrastructure projects to "buy American&q [more]

What can you do with $13 extra a week?

On Friday the 13th of February  both the House and the Senate passed a new $789 billion stimulus package as a continuation of the efforts by the United States Government to jumpstart the economy.  A significant portion of the package gives [more]

Not too late to get your IRS stimulus rebate--if you qualify

A lot of taxpayers missed out on getting their IRS economic stimulus rebate last year, even though they qualified. If you're one of them, you'll be glad to know that there's a way

Will 4.5% mortgage rates jumpstart the housing market?

It seems like everyday the folks in Washington are rolling out a new plan to fix our economy.  The Federal Reserve is running out of room to cut their federal funds rate, so now the news reports that the Treasury is planning to forcibly cut mort [more]

You must file a tax return to get economic stimulus tax rebate

Surely by now everyone has heard of the economic stimulus tax rebate. To get it, though, you have to file a return.