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7 Websites You Must Visit When Buying a New Car

Buying a new car is a pretty stressful experience. You’re putting down a pretty large chunk of cash, and you’re making a commitment to allocate part of your monthly budget to a new expense you didn’t have before. [more]

Skip the Trade-In: Why You Should Sell Your Car Privately

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What to Do With a Junk Car

Your junk car may not seem like it's worth anything, but there's value in almost everything. Before you drop your car off at the junkyard, consider these uses.

The Safest Cars for Teen Drivers

Watching your kid drive away in his first car can be nerve-racking. Feel better by finding the safest frugal vehicle for your teen.

Are Extended Warranties Ever a Good Deal?

I've never bought a lottery ticket, but I do often buy extended warranties. Why? Because I am brutal on my possessions. I drop them, I spill things on them, I crash them into thing