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Cinderella Wine: Gary Vaynerchuk's Nightly Deals Mean More Wine for Less Money

Cinderella Wine is a new website that features an extremely discounted deal on one specific wine per night. The brand, vintage, and price point will vary each night offering a vari

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Argentine Wine Hack: Make Bad Wine Better

While traveling in Argentina for 3 months, I visited Rosario, an off-the-tourist-path but major metropolitan city. Rosario was beautiful — on the river, large parks, pretty buildings, amazingly friendly people. [more]

The Shanghai Supposition: Better Choices=More Choices=Better Experiences

I’m in Shanghai, China on a business trip right now, (read working vacation) and in my time away from working at the Jin Mao tower, which is nestled in the Lujiazui section of the Pudong district, an area that makes Manhattan look like Des Moines (No [more]

Does a plastic cork make for a lousy wine?

I remember the first time my mother opened a bottle of wine that featured a plastic cork. She gasped audibly; the family gathered in the kitchen, where we took turns poking at this

When’s a good time to buy Australian wine? Now. And hurry.

When I first moved to Australia I noticed 2 things about the wine: there was a lot to choose from, and it costs twice as much (if not more) than the exact same Australian wine bran

Exercise (and alcohol) good for your brain

A story in the New York Times says that exercise helps human brains build more neurons (a process called neurogenesis). It also reports on some mouse studies that show that exe

Alcohol is good for your heart

After quitting smoking, having one or two drinks a day is the best single thing you can do for your cardiovascular health. [more]

Pop That Corkage: A Cross-country BYO Roundup

For me, drinking wine at a restaurant is a classic image of living large: sipping rich purply red from a bulbous stemmed glass, laughing at your companion's urbane chatter, and enjoying the moment. [more]

Not Just Some Junk in a Box

There are some things you just don't do: you don't wear white to a wedding. You don't talk on the phone during the movie. And you never bring box wine to the party. You just don't. It's gauche. Except, now you do. [more]