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By Linsey Knerl on 29 April 2008 5 comments
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There are simply too many talented people in this world creating handmade gems for a really good price. These hardworking folks have just started to get their stuff out in front of the average consumer with marketplaces like Etsy (read more here) and through mentions in swag bags for celebrities. You don’t have to wait for an A-lister to make something famous for it to be accessible, however.

Get a jump on finding the best new indie products for a ridiculously low price by purchasing a sampler. You get to know about fabulously cool things from a shop you’ve never heard of. The etailers get some much needed exposure to potential new customers. It’s a win-win, and so much fun! Here are some of the more popular and a few of the newer “samplers” offering stuff very soon:


Simply Pink Box – They offer a box off goodies the 3rd Friday of every month at a price of $22.50 (which includes USPS Priority shipping.) They average 20-25 samples per box. U.S. only at this time. See a sample box HERE

Crafty Cubes – With 10-15 samples per box, each “cube” focuses on scented samples (perfume, candles, etc.) Cost is $19.99 (includes UPS ground shipping), and you can save by signing up for a 3-cube subscription. 

The Little Black Box – This monthly sampler is mostly made up of samples from bath and body and candle artists, and each box costs $15. This smaller box includes shipping to U.S. customers only. 

The Sampler – They offer 2 sizes of samplers to choose from ($30 for 17 samples and $10 for 5), but shipping is not included and will be calculate based on your zip code. By ordering the next month’s sampler with the current month’s sampler, you will receive a 20% discount! See a gallery of some of samples HERE

Lemming Central – This beauty sampler features 8-12 samples per box. While currently sold out of the most recent sampler, they have cost $20 in the past. Canadians must add a $10 shipping charge. See a gallery of samples HERE.


Sample boxes are perfect for the daring shopper who loves surprises. Plus, it’s a great way to connect small businesses with those most likely to buy their products. With a value at far more than the asking price for each sampler, it’s also easy on the beauty budget!

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but there could definitely be some samplers that are more guy friendly. Dudes like crafts too!

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Such a cute idea! Too bad most sample boxes are sold out and that most of them do not have mailing lists that I can find

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Thanks for sharing. I just signed up with two to receive their newsletters. I can't wait till the next sample boxes are available.

Linsey Knerl's picture

The samplers are usually available monthly, so we just a day left in the month, I thought it was a good heads up (even though most are sold out for April, there are more coming in May!)

And I understand that a few of the places throw in goodies for guys, but it really differs from  month to month.  I believe that they have done a whole "guy" sampler at various places in the past.

Happy Shopping! 

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I am working on developing a 'men's line in my Etsy shop - normally I do jewellery that women wear but I am in the process of making cuff links, bookmarks and key rings with themes that might speak to men. I'd be really interested in thoughts about what I need to consider in this and other suggestions about what might be great gifts for the men in your life.