Ask the Readers: What's On Your Bucket List?

By Will Chen on 18 January 2011 91 comments

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A bucket list is the list of things you want to do before you "kick the bucket."  Such lists remind us to rise above the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so we can set our sights on loftier goals.

What is on your bucket list? Do you want to do something grand like becoming a millionaire or finish a novel?  Maybe you want to climb a mountain or go skydiving. Perhaps you cherish the simpler things, like having grandchildren or falling madly in love. 

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Like so many, I have a book I'd like to finish writing.

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I have a list that probably needs revisiting, as I have only updated the completion of existing activities and not modified the list itself in 5 years, but it currently have 110 items on it. Near the top are visiting the orangutans in Indonesia, visiting the Egyptian pyramids and paying for my daughter's college education in full.

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I have a list of 25 different things on it!! I have finished at least 5 of them, and I'm working towards several more. Most fun so far? Skydiving and taking my 2 kids to DisneyWorld. Thing I'm looking forward to the most? Dinner on the Eiffel Tower someday. Can't wait to get to the rest of the list!!

My list is very fluid and changes periodically, as I grow and change. For inspiration, read "No Opportunity Wasted" by Phil Keoghan, one of my heroes!

Guest's picture

I love my Life List! I read the book, "No Opportunity Wasted" several years ago and it literally changed my perspective about life. Most fun things done so far off my list: Skydiving and taking my 2 children to Disney World. Memories of these two events are awesome. Thing I'm looking forward to the most? Dinner at Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower.

Just make sure that your list, whether it is for Life or Bucket, changes and grows with you. I check mine over every year or so to see if my goals are still things I have a passion to do.

Guest's picture

Come face to face with penguins in Antarctica.

Guest's picture

Get out of debt. Of course. ;-)

Guest's picture

I just read over the list of life goals I made for myself this past weekend! A few of the goals I can remember is: earn a living outside of the US, learn how to terminate pregnancies, and raise a puppy.

Guest's picture

I want to travel to Egypt and see the pyramids.
I want to be a camp counselor for a while, possibly at Space Camp.
I want to raft through the Grand Canyon
I want to do a nice, long road trip to visit friends who live in different states, particularly those who are pastors on college campuses and visit their large group worship services.
And I want to create a basement laboratory where I can invent a transporter and a way to email baked goods...and have minions!

Guest's picture

Visit every continent and and every country in Europe.

Guest's picture

Before I die, I want to obtain my skydiver's D-license (500+ jumps). Currently at 17 jumps.

Guest's picture

The top 5 of my bucket list is as follows.
1. Buy House and pay it off in 10 years
2. Attend a Super Bowl
3. Travel to Rome or Paris
4. Buy El Camino
5. Buy RV and travel the US w/ my lovely Wife.

Guest's picture

Like many, traveling is most of my bucket list...Alaska, the Grand Canyon, New York, DC...and that's just in this country! And of course, things like having kids :)

Guest's picture
Selene Montgomery

I'd like to travel to Montana in our RV.

Guest's picture

I couldn't paste my whole bucket list here, but I can say this: I have a list of destinations I want to visit, some writing goals, such as publishing a book, and some that I've already achieved, like quitting my job. It also has some learning ones, like learning a martial art. It's an ambitious but realistic list, and it's going to make for a fun life!

Guest's picture

"Retire" early and hit the road in the camper w/husband, travel and work our way across the States. Visit to Alaska.

Guest's picture
Kristy OT

Gain financial independence and devote my time to full-time (volunteer) ministry.

Guest's picture

I'd like to:

*Own my own business(es)
*Have 7 kids (some of which will be adopted)
*Start an orphanage
*Build my own awesome greenhouse

Guest's picture

I'd like to write the novel that's in pieces on my hard-drive.

Guest's picture

1. Complete a marathon and triathlon
2. Travel through Asia and Europe
3. Be happy

Guest's picture

To visit LA and stay the Beverly Wilshire Hotel like Joan Didion.

Guest's picture

dance a Venetian waltz in Vienna

Guest's picture

1) Travel extensively through the US (all national parks, Grand Canyon, Alaska)
2) Travel to Europe (Venice and Paris mainly)
3) Write a book

Guest's picture

shark cage diving in south africa!

Guest's picture
Maria S

Learn how to drive stick and learn how to drive a motorcycle.

Guest's picture

I have a bucket list, and hope to complete my first goal this summer- visiting Niagara Falls. I live on the East coast, and have never seen it. No excuses!

Guest's picture

1. Visit all 50 states (so far I'm a little under halfway there)
2. Travel to England, Ireland, Paris, Rome, Venice, Greece, and Australia (there are many more countries I'd love to see, but those are my top seven right now)
3. Become a better swimmer
4. Have a child
5. Be completely out of debt with a reasonable amount of savings in the bank (why does this one always seem so far out of reach?!)
6. Maybe go back to college and finish my B.A. requirements
7. Start my own business (though I don't know what kind yet)

Guest's picture

Remain madly in love every day. Have children and raise them to be confidant, honest and happy. Become self-reliant on some land with a gorgeous view of sunsets and sunrises! Not crazy, but my wishes for life satisfaction and no regrets.

Guest's picture

Live in Europe for awhile.

Guest's picture

I compiled a list and made 333 things on my bucket list.
Here are a few...
Court-side seats at a Lakers game.
Live in Poland.
Stay at the Cinderella Castle.
Travel to the Olympics.

Guest's picture

travel around the world

Guest's picture
patient saver

1. Visit all the national parks in the US
2. Visit the Italian countryside
3. Return to Alaska
4. Bike the length of Nova Scotia, from west to east.
5. Swim with dolphins.
6. Visit New Zealand
7. Find a traveling companion.

Guest's picture

I went to Africa in 2007. And it was a life changing trip. I would love to return and to climb Kilimanjaro, before age 50. ;-)


Guest's picture

Visit Italy.
Try skiing.
Trip to the moutains, probably Santa Fe.
Visit friends I haven't seen in years who live near the coast.
Visit Yellowstone.
Trip to an amusement park.

Guest's picture

Have a job I truly enjoy. Take family trip to Disney. Have 3 children (1 down, 2 to go!).

Guest's picture

Become *fluent* in another language; I have smatterings of a few but fluency in one.

Guest's picture

I have a ton but I'll list a few:

Escape from quicksand
Pick blueberries in Maine
Learn to ride a horse and jump
Memorize a Shakespearean sonnet

Guest's picture
Tina k.

escape from quicksand? wow, I would never want to get stuck in quicksand in order to escape. I have always wanted to learn to ride.

Guest's picture

My bucket list does change over time. One thing that has been on the list for 10 years is to spend some time in Brasil. It will happen!

Guest's picture

Go to Australia and New Zealand and also see Antarctica!

Guest's picture

Go to Italy.
Get out of debt.
Get a job I love.

Guest's picture
kristina wittchen

I want to volunteer with my dog at a nursing home or hospital.

Guest's picture

Like many, my bucket list involves travel and skill mastery. A cross country trip taking in the regular sights (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone) plus those crazy concrete buildings shaped like ice cream cones and tea cups.// Go back to Italy. Once was not enough.// Learn enough Italian to get by without a dictionary.// Build a small house on a piece of land from salvaged materials. Perhaps on wheels.// Learn to forage. //Visit the world's longest yard sale.// Learn to identify birds by their songs. //Write a book about my father, a sculptor, for his grandkids.

Some goals are in process. I've got door knobs and small bits for the house, some research done on the book, language learning tapes, and a little cash towards plane fare. Steadily onward, like eating an elephant. One bite at a time.

Guest's picture

I would want to travel with my family

Guest's picture

I've always wanted to run a marathon... and I'm doing it this year on April 30!

Guest's picture

become a crazy cat lady living in a little cottage somewhere in England.

Guest's picture
Cindy Moore

To go to Ireland!

Guest's picture

Pet a tiger cub... :) First item on my list when I made it three years ago, still the only item.

Guest's picture
Anne M

I would like to ride one day in a hot air balloon :)

Guest's picture

Write a book, live in another country for 1 year

Guest's picture

Top on my bucket list is to travel the old route 66 in a VW bus

Guest's picture

To ride in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!

Guest's picture

I have a large list but the number one thing right now is go scuba diving in a shark cage with great whites swimming around me.

Guest's picture

Heading out tomorrow with my best college girlfriend for 5 days of films & fun at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. We've both had this on our "bucket lists" for over a decade!

Guest's picture

Visit Italy
Go on an Alaskan cruise
Egypt to see the pyramids

Guest's picture
michelle r

To take my kids on Safari in South Africa

Guest's picture

I am a very logical person, so the problem is getting around to the list. 1. skydiving (set for our 10 yr wedding anniversary, so 4 more years to prepare) 2. travel abroad 3. I know kind of non-specific yet... I want to keep challenge myself to learn things I never imagined I could do

Guest's picture

I would love to take my kids to Greece. My oldest son, who is graduating from college in May, took a 2 year intensive Greek class at his Prep school and it would be nice for him to be able to use it!

Guest's picture

I'd like to publish one of my books, find a career I'm happy in, and be happy. There are many other things on the list, but those are the big ones.

Guest's picture

To achieve greatness is on my bucket list.

Guest's picture

I would like to travel! I haven't been out of the country (well aside from Canada) since the mid-'90s, and would like to revisit Europe and see some new places.

Guest's picture
Tina k.

Eric, well at least you've been to Europe. We finally made it to Canada for the first time (I live in WA state so that's bad.) I would love to visit other countries.

Guest's picture
David Yingling

To run a marathon in all 50 states and on each continent

Guest's picture

I would like to spend a month traveling in India - specifically the coasts. I was raised in Durban, South Africa, and when I see images of beaches in India, they look so similar to my land of birth ... I'd like to sit on a beach ACROSS the Indian ocean from Africa.

Guest's picture
Mrs H

Thank you for asking! Travel to all 50 states with my hubby & children in an RV. Enjoy a performance of traditional Japanese theater in Japan with hubby, and while there take in a traditional drum performance as well as a full course dinner. Educate my children to achieve college entrance. Sail in the Caribbean with hubby at the helm. Travel with Kaye Arthur to walk in the footsteps of Jesus. Travel to Europe and visit some of the fantastic places Rick Steves has been-especially Majorca and the Norwegian fjords. To walk the great Wall of China with my hubby.To spend a Christmas in Australia on the beach. Take my children and grandchildren to Disney enjoying their happiness.

Guest's picture
Tina k.

I just started a new one last night and here are a few things I have on it so far: lose 10 lbs, lose 20lbs, lose 50 lbs, visit Belize in 2012, take a full immersion Spanish class in central Mexico, visit Las Vegas within month, learn Tai chi, take a cooking class, own a good camera and take a photography class (perhaps in 2011 if i can budget it). I try and put small goals, big goals and time frames so I get them done. Things I have accomplished off my last list: start a business, debt free, own a home, take the kids to Mexico, learn about investing. good luck everyone and have fun!

Guest's picture

I'd like to open a retreat home in Maui for terminally ill children and their families to vacation.

Guest's picture

I would like to visit Italy!

Guest's picture

I would like to earn a buckle at a 100 mile race.

Guest's picture

I would like to go on a trip to Italy with my family

Guest's picture
sarah r

Running the Great Wall of China half marathon. Sounds like so much fun... but um, probably a little bit of hell. That thing is HILLY.

Guest's picture

I'd like to gopher/roadie for Paul McCartney...Sound-check for Bruce Springsteen...Be an audience member at Conan. See Tom Waits at Austin City Limits. Perform stand-up on David Letterman. Take out Meg White.

Guest's picture

Live in a foreign country for a minimum of a year to learn the local custom, language and really get to know it personally.

Guest's picture
Katie R

I'd love to take horseback riding lessons.

Guest's picture

My bucket list includes items like travel to Australia/New Zealand and to Europe, expand my garden so it feeds my family well, learn to knit, retire ASAP to spend time doing the things I already love, adopt some more dogs.
Thanks for posting this article - we all need to consider what fulfills us and get started!

Guest's picture

I have a bucket list that I try and update at least once a year. Among the entries are:
* Travel to Norway
* take a kick boxing class
* pay off all debts
* own a hobby farm
* learn to knit

Guest's picture

I want to travel to every continent!

Guest's picture

I just made my list recently! I want to drink champagne while looking at the stars, teach my kids to hunt Morel mushrooms, learn to drum, sew a pillowcase dress for my daughter and learn more about the grandmother I never knew (she died before I was born).

Guest's picture

The top thing on my bucket list is traveling to Scotland. Its been a dream for over 20 years. One day! ~ Pattie F.

Guest's picture

I haven't written a "bucket list", but one of my main goals is to spend six months to a year living in various countries and soaking up different cultures.

Guest's picture

My list would consist of three items... first is to retire at 55 with a good retirement amount. Second is to get my pilot's license and have my own plane (I have flown once and I loved it). Third is to just travel around the world to various places of interest.

Guest's picture

Work for a professional bakery and have fun baking sweet yummy treats every day..maybe when I retire that will be my part time job :)

Guest's picture

Bicycle ski
Take a cruise
Travel europe
Ride a zip-line
See both of my children graduate college

Guest's picture
Jan B

I would love to travel across the country in an RV.

Guest's picture
Nick Gann

1. Become a Millionaire
2. Finish license for Skydiving
3. Finish at least 1 book
4. Base Jump Grand Canyon
5. Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef for a month
6. Build a Boat house in Amsterdam
7. Live off-grid for one year
8. Build and own a Craft Brewery

Guest's picture

One thing I'm really passionate about is discussing the horrors of concentration camps and hatred. I guest lecture about the Bosnian genocide (I was born there) to Political Science classes at my college, but would like to branch out and in...form more people. Most people don't expect to meet a real person detained in one. Talking about the tragic events in places such as Bosnia, Rwanda, and Lebanon, I feel is really important, especially considering these horrific events didn't happen too long ago and yet it appears so many people do not know the details. Not only would I really like to lecture more, I'd also like to see my grandparents again. They reside in Bosnia, but because I live in the US, I've only seen them 3 times since I was four years old, and for very brief periods.See More

Guest's picture

I'd love to:

*Travel all over -- from Prague to Dublin, Iceland to Turkey, Cambodia, Jordan...

*See the Kirov Ballet in St. Petersburg

*Learn to snorkel and scuba

*Go to grad school for anthropology

*Take a comprehensive cooking class series

Guest's picture

retire on an 80 acre farm, with no debt!

Guest's picture

My bucket list is to vagabond the world. I'm having dog tags made to read "Bury me were I fall"

Guest's picture

I would like to go on a really nice cruise with my husband.

Guest's picture

1. Learn to fly a plane and use that skill often
2. Net worth of $2.5 million+
3. Travel frequently
4. Raise at least two children
5. Own land