What to Buy (and Avoid Buying) in June

by Paul Michael on 4 June 2013 4 comments

Feel that? For most of us, it’s a well-deserved break from rain and wind, and the sun is finally beaming down upon us. And with that glorious change in the weather comes an array of great deals. Here’s a round up of the best and worst things to buy in June. (See also: Shopping Calendar: The Best Time to Buy Anything)

First, What to Buy…

June is quite a month. It's National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, National Iced Tea Month, LGBT Pride Month, and it's home to Father’s Day and World Environment Day. Phew. Here are the bargains you’ll find this month.

1. Lingerie

Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual sale arrives in June, meaning great deals on panties (around $4) and bras (as low as $15), as well as all the other lingerie in store. Not to be outdone, other lingerie outlets like Frederick’s of Hollywood, Bare Necessities, and Maidenform will also slash prices this month. Gents, this could be a good time to stock up on gifts for Christmas and even Valentine’s Day – if you can hide them well.

2. Caribbean Vacations

June brings hurricanes to the Caribbean. Not the best time to vacation there, right? Well, it’s only the beginning of hurricane season, and the chances of getting hit by something big are pretty remote. However, the merest mention of hurricanes makes many people skittish, and that means the folks who control the pricing are serving up some pretty great deals on packages and cruises

3. Plates, Glasses, and Silverware

Weddings are very, very popular in June. The weather is perfect — not too hot, not too cold. And that means stores everywhere will be trying to undercut each other to sell those ever-popular dishware items on wedding registries. Expect some discounts of 25%-50% off. It’s also a great time to buy champagne for the same reasons.

4. Paint

Sorry budding Picassos, this isn’t that type of paint. But if you plan on doing some redecorating inside or outside of your home, now is the time to grab some bargains on interior and exterior paints. The warm weather makes it a great time to start painting, and various paint companies will try to entice those looking to make an early start with some great prices. 

5. Father’s Day Remnants

Once Father’s Day has come and gone, you can grab some serious bargains on anything that has been branded with the Father’s Day messaging. Anything from #1 Dad aprons to beer glasses, T-shirts, ties, and cards will be going for a song. If you like to plan ahead, now is the time to pick up deals for next Father’s Day. This also applies to graduation goodies.

6. Television Sets

Whether a 3D set, a regular LCD or LED TV, or even the Plasma screens (if you can still find them), they’re all up for grabs in June with great discount pricing. But it won’t last, so get in on the deals while you can.

7. Exercise Equipment

As the weather gets better and better, people are choosing to exercise outside. Why jog on a treadmill when you can do it in the beautiful sunshine? Therefore, you’ll find great deals on exercise equipment of every shape and size this month.

8. Gardening Items

It may seem odd to think that gardening supplies will be going on sale, as the season for spending time outdoors is upon us. But you will find deals on some gardening supplies by the end of June. Remember, stores are always months ahead, and fall items must take priority over summer stock.

And What to Avoid…

June is National Turkey Lover’s Month. But you’ll want to avoid the following turkeys (and red herrings) that will cost you more money then they should.

1. Beef — It’s Not for Dinner

For those of you who bit the bullet and bought your grill ahead of the sales, don’t expect to sizzle cheap beef on those cast-iron racks. The Wall Street Journal wrote on May 24th that it anticipates high beef prices due to a 2% drop in cattle herds in 2012. Still, chicken and pork should still bring plenty of smiles to the family, and corn will be cheap if you’re not partial to meat.

2. Grills Again!

I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but I do want to save you money. And grills are still not as cheap as they are about to be. You may find 10% off here and 15% off there, but give it another month or two. Before you know it, those big, bulky grills will be taking up valuable floor space that could be used for fall items (yes, fall!) and the prices will be slashed. Your patience will be rewarded.

3. Apple Products

In June, Apple CEO Tim Cook holds the annual developer’s conference. There has been a significant lull in innovation from Apple, perhaps due to the sad passing of Steve Jobs. But, Mr. Cook has hinted at something new in the pipeline. Will it be as significant as the iPhone or iPod? Doubtful. But hold off on buying anything Apple until the announcement is made. Here’s hoping it’s something spectacular, and not another variation of an existing product.

4. Tools? Nope.

With Father’s Day in mid-June, tools are the hot item. And the stores know it. Sure, you’ll get some nice little discounts here and there, but nothing of any substance. Wait for the Father’s Day heat to die down, and in a few months you’ll get way more bang for your buck. 

5. Laptops

“Back to school” is a phrase far from most people’s lips, as most kids haven’t even gotten out for the summer yet. But that phrase is one you should keep top of mind. The deals will come thick and fast to tempt parents with great deals on new items for the new school year. Laptops are the big deals, and you will be wise to hold off on purchases for a month or two.


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I sure to be buying things for my son's birthday and father's day!!! Best time to buy the grills are after the summer months when they go on discount for sure.

Guest's picture

I was just thinking about shopping for a new Apple laptop. I guess I'll be waiting now... Great list with lots of little bits of information that are easy to miss if you don't do the research!

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I buy this longterm stuff only after the season, where are usually bought. It´s very easy. I give them into the attic and the grill is ready in the summer and with the half price.

Guest's picture

I am already keeping my eye out for Christmas gift ideas. It's never too early to pick up a few on sale items and stash them away. It sure does help out the bank account come November/December when you just have to pick up a few last minute/seasonal gifts.