10 Awesome Jobs for People Who Want to Work From Home

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Many people dream of working from home because of perks like not having to commute and being able to work in your pajamas. The good news is we're seeing more and more jobs that give people the privilege of working from home. Although there are stereotypical contract admin or call-center jobs that let you work from home, there are plenty of other at-home jobs that are way more fun. Read on to find out what they are.

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Etsy Store Owner

If you love making crafts and personalizing them, Etsy can be a possible career route for you. There are Etsy store owners that are making more than their previous day job and lovin' it! Of course, it's not all about being crafty. You'll also have to invest time into promoting your product on social media sites like Pinterest, taking great pictures, and coming up with search-friendly titles.

It's free to join Etsy, but you have to pay 20 cents to list your item, and the site will take 3.5 percent sales from your listed price. Inc. magazine has a great list of tips on starting your own Etsy store.

Music Teacher

If you have a love for music (and the skills to boot!), teaching other people how to play an instrument or to sing might be a good career choice for you.

What you can expect to make ranges from something in the teens to hundreds per class if you're famous. For example, Seth Riggs, a renowned vocal coach to the stars, charges $300 per session. To earn more money, you can choose to get certification and to build up a good track record.

Consultant or Coach

You can be a consultant on anything as long as you have the right expertise for the topic. One example is a consultant who helps business-school students with applicants. Famous ones charge each applicant $3,000 per business school. Basically, what they do is help students with their résumé, essays, and interviews.

You can also coach people over the phone and the Internet. An example of coaching can be a career as a life coach, in which you advise and guide people to achieve personal goals. According to LifeCoach.com, individual clients can be charged from $200 to $1,000 per month while corporate coaching will net life coaches about $1,000 to $10,000 every month.

You can coach people on pretty much any type of topic, from dating to personal finance.

Graphic Designer

There's a decent demand for graphic designers, especially those in web design. In this field, it's preferable for graphic designers to have some sort of educational training, such as a bachelor's degree, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The median annual wages for graphic designers was $42,400 in May 2008, according to BLS data.


Another option for a career is an at-home therapist. There are positives and negatives to seeing patients in your home. Of course, there is always the issue of safety, so you'll have to be cautious with who you decide to take on as a patient. One of the biggest bonuses to seeing patients from home is you'll be saving on the cost of an office, the commute, and parking.

To be a therapist, one must complete an undergraduate degree, preferably in psychology, then go on to earn a master's degree in the field. The median annual salary of an occupational therapist is $84,000, according to Indeed.com.


If you've heard of the phrase "starving artist," you know that it's not going to be an easy career path. In fact, while you're busy trying to sell your paintings to a gallery or online, you might have to take on day jobs or sides jobs such as teaching art.

Social Media or Community Manager

Social media and community managers are all the rage right now, and many companies are hiring for that position since they lack the know-how. And how do you gain that knowledge? Simply by being an avid user! There aren't many quality classes on social media right now, so the best way to pick up the skills is to use the platform. Community managers have duties from moderating comments to thinking up ways to grow reader base and engagement. Interested? Well, the average salary of a community manager is $53,000, says Indeed.com.


A freelance writer or novelist can always work from home. If you have a love of writing, you might want to try this out. Start by writing for small-time magazines or papers to build up your career. It's really important to network in this field because it's much easier to get your piece into an editorial publication if you know the editor. You can always opt for journalism school as a way of getting into the industry.

If you want to write the next great American novel, you can either start on your own or wait for National Novel Writing Month in November to write alongside thousands. If agents aren't biting, you may want to publish your book online as an ebook.

Start-Up Founder

Have a great idea floating around in your head? Perhaps the next Spanx or another social media platform? If you work on your own start-up, you'll have the luxury of working from home. However, you won't have a salary and you'll be living off of your savings when you're starting out. But if it takes off, you may find yourself with a robust income!

Software Engineer

Software engineers have the luxury of working from home and get paid a great salary. Further, they’ll never have to worry about a job since they are always in demand. These techies design and test different kinds of software like computer games and operating systems. The average salary of a software engineer is a hefty $90,000, according to Indeed.com.

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People often forget that if you are good at recruiting and motivating people, almost any mlm business can be done right out of your home. Not everyone loves this type of work, but for the right person a Stella & Dot, Monavie, etc. can be a possibility.

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To work from home you need the experience and knowledge more than anything. The trust is what is needed for you to bring clients in and earn money.

People also believe that they will be able to start out online, build a business and get sales straight away, it doesn't happen over time. My tip for working from home is to run it part time whilst you still slowly create a transition across.