10 Bathroom Purchases for Under $10 That Are Well Worth the Money


Ah, the bathroom. That space in my house that's totally disorganized and constantly begging to be scrubbed. In the new year, I've decided to clean up my act by purging, sorting, and organizing. And there are lots of cool hacks that can help. Check out these smart bathroom essentials that you can purchase for $10 or — in most cases — less.

1. Fabric Shower Liner

Stop buying plastic curtains over and over again and invest in a fabric (reusable) shower curtain liner that will last you years. Just make sure you wash it every month or so to keep it fresh and mold-free. I like to toss some baking soda with mine for good measure and hang to dry.

2. Shower Rings

And if you're regularly washing your shower curtain and liner, stop fooling with standard plastic hangers and try these double-glide shower rings. They allow you to remove and replace your curtains with ease. And if you have an old set of standard rings, use them to hang baskets inside your shower for added storage.

3. Ball Jars

There are many ways to use glass jars in your bathroom — from housing cotton balls to holding hand soap. And you can pick up a set of Wide Mouth Ball Jars for less than $10. The switch to glass over plastic packaging is subtle, but makes the room feel remarkably cleaner.

4. Over-Door Rack

Whether you own or rent your place, space might be an issue in your bathroom. This over-door hook rack allows you to hang towels, clothing, and other items with ease (and without screwing anything into the wall). Assign each member of your family a hook for simplified storage.

5. Shower Caddy

I grew up using a shower caddy and have continued the trend to this day. However, I'm quite surprised when I visit friends and family to find that not everyone is using this organization dynamo. Installation is easy — just slip it over your shower head and use the suction cups to hold it straight against the wall. Then fill with your favorite shampoos, conditioners, soaps, etc.

6. Step Organizer

Those of us lucky enough to have a bathroom closet probably don't keep it as tidy as we'd like. I can think of a hundred times when I've gone digging in the back only to find soaps or makeup I'd forgotten about years earlier. This three-tiered cabinet organizer is wonderful for displaying nail polish, moisturizers, toothpastes, soaps, and all other bath products.

7. Magnetic Strip

Ever feel like you're always losing track of bobby pins, tweezers, and other small metal items? Stick a few magnetic strips on your wall or the inside of a cabinet. Then, simply let the magnets do their work corralling all that stuff in one convenient place.

8. Silverware Tray

For all those random grooming tools, toothbrushes, combs, and more, try a plastic silverware tray. The slots are long and lean, providing ample room for all the items in your makeup drawer. Most trays will fit inside standard vanities.

9. Adhesive Hooks

For larger items, like curling irons and hairdryers, try adhesive hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors. That way, they're out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. You'll spend less time fumbling around with tangled cords. Standard hooks hold up to three pounds.

10. Jewelry Organizer

Grab one of those jewelry organizers with the hook and fill it with your makeup and other small beauty products. You can hang it on your bathroom door when you're getting ready for a night out and want to see all your options. Otherwise, fold and tuck away. Bonus: You can take this pack on all your travels near and far.

What's essential in your bathroom?

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I love our fabric shower curtains and liners. Yes, they do need to be taken down and cleaned regularly, but that sure beats having to buy a new plastic curtain a few times per year. They are a little pricey, but I really enjoy the statements made in our bathrooms after we purchased shower curtains from Deny Designs. Real artists upload their art for it then to be printed on shower curtains, throws, pillows, etc.

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You can get a set of larger green Ball jars, if it fits the decor, or a short set of crystal cut jelly jars for a little elegance, too. If you don't want the hassle of the 2 part lid, just glue them together before you use them.

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I have used my old used plastic shower curtains as paint drop cloths and in my workshop to partition off the area where I have my router, saw, bench drill, and sander. This reduces dust and chips from coating the rest of my shop/storage area. However, We now have a washable fabric liner on all of our bathrooms.