10 Delicious Ways to Use Leftover Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a holiday staple that are awesome in their original form, but what if you end up with tons of leftovers and get tired of the same old mash? Here are 10 delicious, and mostly easy to prepare ways to repurpose your leftover mashed potatoes. (See also: 10 Tasty Ideas for Leftover Turkey)

1. Mashed Potato Bar

If you have a pot of plain mashed potatoes (that is, cooked with minimal adornment), you can fancy things up by treating your mashies like a baked potato and covering them in all kinds of goodness. Think chopped scallions, all kinds of cheese, smoked salmon, bacon bits, sour cream, spicy pepper jelly, or freshly chopped herbs. You can also add cooked beets (or yams or sweet potatoes) and remash for a sweeter take on mashed potatoes.

2. Pseudo Latkes

Latkes, traditional Hanukkah fare, are pancakes made from potatoes. OK, the traditional recipe does call for shredded potatoes, but you can fudge it a little bit with this mashed potato latke recipe from Slashfood. If you want something even more exotic, try out this recipe for Korean potato pancakes.

3. Potato Croquettes/Muffins

If you have the capacity and the will to deep-fry your food, consider the wonderful, creamy goodness of a mashed potato croquette (doesn’t that sound better than “mashed potato ball”? I think it does). The good news is that you are already a couple steps into this recipe, since your potatoes are already mashed.

If you're more into baking than frying, you can still enjoy a decadent, crispy-edged mashed potato treat with this recipe for loaded baked potato muffins.

4. Shepherd's Pie/Casserole

A classic casserole that’s easy to make and popular with everyone, shepherd’s pie is that much easier when you already have a supply of mashed potatoes at the ready. If you’re not a meat eater, you can try a vegan version of shepherd’s pie.

5. Potato Lasagna

Mashed potatoes can be awesomely creamy and replace dairy products fairly easily (whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan, or just feeling adventurous). Try out a vegan lasagna recipe (or meat lasagna) with mashed potatoes in place of the tofu or ricotta cheese. Add crushed, roasted garlic to the potatoes to really pack a wallop of flavor.

6. Potato Bread

I'm not sure what it is exactly about potatoes that make for such delicious, fluffy bread, but if you can bake, you can turn your mashed potatoes into a brilliant loaf. This potato bread recipe is pegged as Eastern European, but you’ll love it regardless of where your palate hails from.

7. Potato Cheddar Soup

Mashed potatoes are a fantastic soup thickener — if you’re like my mom and use your Thanksgiving turkey in soup, you can make it a real stew by throwing in a big spoonful of mashed potatoes.

If you want a real potato-centered soup, mashed potatoes are the main ingredient in potato cheddar soup, a decadent staple of winter eating. Like a couple of the other recipes here, you’ll find that you’ll save a couple of steps, since your potatoes are already mashed.

8. Mashed Potato Moussaka

Moussaka is a traditional Greek casserole made with eggplant; it’s very filling and a great dish for winter or fall. Potatoes are often added for texture, and this moussaka recipe includes mashed potatoes. Since you have the mashed potatoes ready to go, you get to save significant time!

9. Potato Perogi

Perogi are a Slavic dumpling — different from gnocchi in that they are a distinct filling encased in a wrapper. These mashed potato-filled dumplings allow you to be especially creative with additional fillings, like chives, bacon, fish, or spices. Top with butter, sour cream, or spicy garlic salsa.

10. Gnocchi

Gnocchi is probably the most obvious use of leftover mashed potatoes, but they are just so amazing that I had to save them for last (since they’re the best). This recipe for mashed potato gnocchi is fast and easy, and it makes the perfect meal for a cool evening.

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Guest's picture

Oh my word, these all sound delicious. Not that such a thing as "leftover mashed potatoes" is likely to exist in my home - I can't remember the last time we didn't finish the pot - one reason we try not to have them too often.

Oh Potatoes - is there nothing you can't do or be? (I loved the idea of re-mashing with Beets - I'd go one further and re-mash beets in one third, squash in a second, and really well steamed broccoli or zuchinni in the last, and scoop them out like a sorbet dessert. Children - devour your vegetable ice cream!)

Kentin Waits's picture

I agree -- these all sound great. I'm huge fan of potatoes in any form! :)

Guest's picture

I go with a simpler solution: cheese, butter, jalapenos, bacon. Put it all on a plate, mix it together, and bam, you're done.

Guest's picture

What's wrong with good ole' fried potato cakes? XP

Andrea Karim's picture

See #2.

Guest's picture

Thanks for creating this post and adding in all the recipe links. I was trying to make a potato dish tonight and it became a disaster zone/mashed potato surprise, lol. I've already begun with the Korean pancakes tonight and will try my hand with some gnocchi tomorrow!