10 Frugal Fall Getaways You Can Start Packing For Now

Travel is always wonderful, but it can be a struggle when you're on a budget. It's important to look for places where the dollar is doing well, or maybe somewhere you can get a package deal that includes your flight and hotel. If you're looking for a cheap — but still awesome — getaway for the fall, here are some places you should look into. (See also: 6 Easy Ways to Get Free Travel)

1. Greece

Though it can still cost a lot to stay on one of the more famous islands like Santorini, Greece's economic issues make it one of the cheaper places to stay. Ferries run between islands — if you want to check all of them out — but there are tons of cheap things to do in Athens, too. And that's probably what you're going to want to see when you're traveling to Greece.

2. Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest places to visit, and it's filled with amazing things to see. Angkor Wat alone has so many temples and so much ground to cover, you might need more than just a day pass to do it. And that's only one of the sites this country has to offer. With its low prices and attractions, you'll get your money's worth here.

3. Camping Somewhere Stateside

If you feel like staying in the states, there's bound to be an awesome camping destination within a few hours of you. Hiking, fishing, and just being in the middle of all nature has to offer is an amazing thing. If you really want to rough it, tent sites are usually cheaper. But if you want something a little bit sturdier, log cabins are the way to go.

4. Dominican Republic

If you want a Caribbean vacation that doesn't hurt your wallet, the Dominican Republic is your perfect spot. It's a great place for an all-inclusive vacation. Some hotels have multiple pools, bars, and gourmet restaurants that are included with the price of your stay. Activities like golfing, scuba diving, and parasailing come with additional fees — and the resorts can book those adventures for you.

5. Puerto Rico

Another decently priced tropical destination, Puerto Rico is great because the flights are cheap and they use the US dollar for currency. Avoid the touristy areas if you want to get your money's worth. Hit up the west coast of the island for amazing beaches and smaller crowds.

6. Vietnam

Though it's becoming more popular, Vietnam is still cheap and beautiful. If you go while budgeting, you can get by on less than $40 a day. Since most of the country is pretty underdeveloped, it's a great place to backpack and go on a true adventure. If you're not into that, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the more popular tourist destinations.

7. Bolivia

One of only two landlocked countries in South America, Bolivia is often overlooked. The city of La Paz is a unique place that blends modern life with indigenous traditions, and it's full of activities that aren't to be missed. And if you venture away from the city, you can see more of the indigenous and religious culture you can't experience anywhere else.

8. San Diego

Unlike Los Angeles and San Francisco, it's a lot easier to get a bargain here. Beaches are your best bet, with miles of boardwalk and coastline to be explored. The Coronado Ferry is pretty cheap to ride, and it lets you see the sites from a different perspective. If you have a bit more money to spend, take in one of the famous destinations here, like the San Diego Zoo.

9. Bulgaria

Another frequently overlooked destination, Bulgaria has some of the most deserted beaches in Europe. It also boasts old towns to explore and mountain ranges to trek. It's been influenced by multiple cultures, so you'll see a unique blend of things here that make it a must-see destination. There are a ton of gorgeous monasteries and churches if you get tired of being on the beach all day.

10. Ireland

Travel to Ireland has gotten cheaper in recent years, and it's a deal worth jumping on. With Dublin being a big city, it can be more on the expensive side for things like food, but there are still plenty of free things to do to fill your time. Journey out to the countryside for some amazing views and cheaper places to stay — though you might want to rent a car to fully experience everything this country has to offer.

You can still travel to some of the most amazing places in the world while on a budget. Go to places less-traveled, plan ahead to find cheap flights and hostels, and make the most of the spending limit you have. There's nothing wrong with going off the beaten path to see something awesome!

What are some other cheap fall destinations? Share with us!

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