10 Great Gift Ideas for Geeky Fanboys and Fangirls

If there is someone on your holiday list who is the biggest fan ever of something, or someone, it's pretty easy to make them happy by giving them anything that displays their love. Here are some ideas for the fanboy or girl in your life. (See also: The Ultimate Gift Guide)

Fan Wear and Gear

Get some neat fan-designed shirts, posters, phone cases, and more from sites like Redbubble, Etsy, Cafe Press, Society 6, Spreadshirt, DeviantArt, and Zazzle. One of my favorite sites for unique shirts celebrating my favorite shows is TeeFury, although they only have T-shirts listed for 24 hours, so it's harder to find shirts as a gift.

Anything Autographed

Search on eBay for an autographed poster or memorabilia. Celebrities also often offer autographed items on eBay for charity auctions.

Board Games

Look for themed board games on Amazon. For example, check out Clue: The Big Bang Theory, Battlestar Galactica Board Game, and The Walking Dead Monopoly Survival Edition. (See also: 5 Great Card and Board Games)

Key Chains, Action Figures, and Other Tokens

If it's a hit movie or TV show, chances are there's an action figure. Get a Breaking Bad Walter Action Figure or the Mad Men Joan Holloway Doll. Look for unique but practical items like the Game of Thrones Coaster Set, Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt (ThinkGeek.com), or The Hunger Games Shoulder Bag. (See also: What The Hunger Games Can Teach Us About Finance)


If clothing is your friend's thing, you can find replica clothes of their favorite characters. Doctor Who fans will love the Eleventh Doctor's Jacket (AbbyShot.com).

Replica Props

Give an iconic replica prop, like Malcolm Reynolds' Metal-Plated Pistol or Game of Thrones Robb Stark's Sword, and you'll have a friend for life.

Collector's Editions, Scripts, and Behind the Scenes Extras

Fans will devour anything and everything related to their obsession. Seek out collector's editions that include extras like interviews or commentaries. Star Wars fans would love the Star Wars: Frames to put on their coffee table. The Wizard of Oz: 75th Anniversary Limited Collector's Edition on Blu-ray includes a frameable map of Oz, collectible award pin set, Ruby Slippers Sparkle Globe, 52-page hardcover photo book, and more.

Event Tickets

If you can swing it, there's nothing that gets a fan's heart pumping more than to be in the same room as their favorite character. Comic-Con tickets are notoriously difficult to get, but there may be other smaller events you can surprise your pal with.

Interviews, Bloopers, and More

If you have the time and skill, you won't have to spend a dime for the fanboy or girl in your life. Just search YouTube for interviews, behind the scene stuff like bloopers, and other appearances, and put them together on a DVD or video file for their enjoyment. (As a courtesy, you should contact the owners for permission.) (See also: Great DIY Gifts for Geeks)

Fan Fiction

For many fans who just can't get enough, some fan fiction will satisfy their desires to see more of their characters. Check out FanFiction and put together a nice collection as a gift. (Again, contact the writers for permission.)

What cool stuff are you getting for your fanboys or fangirls this year?

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Guest's picture

No mention of ThinkGeek? I am appalled. They are devoted to geekery goods. Many things they sell can be found for less expensive on Amazon, but they also have a good array of licensed or exclusive items.

For shirts you can look at dayoftheshirt.com, which aggregates daily/weekly geeky shirt sites into a singular display.

Lynn Truong's picture


You're right! How did I forget ThinkGeek. I added a mention. Thanks!

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I think this is a great list, but would just add that the suggestion to take YouTube videos or works of fan fiction and put them together into your own gift makes me a little nervous. Those materials are the intellectual property of their authors and creators, who may not always be in favor of their work being downloaded and gifted without permission or credit. As a fan fiction author, I would be honored to know that someone thought my work was worthy of sharing, but know I would appreciate being contacted before my stories were used by another person.

Lynn Truong's picture

Thank you for your thoughtful note. I've added a recommendation to contact the owners for permission.