10 Healthy Things to Eat and Drink in the New Year

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Our sister site, Healthy Theory, has lots of great tips on what to eat to keep your body healthy. Here's a roundup of the most healthy (and tasty) foods to start eating (or eat more of) in the new year.


That's right -- ring in the new year with this heart-healthy drink (in moderation, of course). Champagne has polyphenols, which are antioxidants. Two of the components, caffeic acid and tyrosol, have anti-inflammatory actions, which protects the body from injury and damage. They can also remove toxic chemicals from the body. Champagne May Be Good For Your Heart


Pomegranates may be a little intimidating, but they are a powerhouse of health. Boasting health benefits for the brain, cancer, and arthritis, they're worth the extra effort to eat. The Health Benefits Of The Pomegranate


Much of the old coffee research has been debunked, replaced with new studies that show a wide variety of health benefits from the humble cup of joe. Not only can you feel guilt-free gulping down your morning jolt, you can proudly reach for that second afternoon cup as well. Coffee Is Good For Your Brain


Doctors have found that in heart attack survivors, eating chocolate two or more times per week cuts their risk of dying from heart disease by as much as three-fold over people who never eat the stuff (as if you needed another reason to eat chocolate). Chocolate Reduces The Risk Of Death From A Heart Attack


The next time you’re out having a bite to eat, you might want to consider foods made with curry. Turmeric, which gives curry its distinctive yellow color, has long been promoted as a health-promoting spice because it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Curry May Help Prevent Cancer


It doesn't matter which kind — green tea (teeth, gums, and more), white tea (anti-aging), or black tea (diabetes) — they're all good for you.


With Dr. Oz and Oprah extolling the benefits of flax, this little seed has been raised into stardom. Flax seeds pack ton of omega-3 fatty acids, which we've all learned does all sorts of awesome things like fight cancer and lower cholesterol. Flax: Integrating The Wonder Seed Into Your Diet

Yellow Peas

Long promoted as a cholesterol free food that is high in protein and fiber, it turns out that yellow split peas might help lower your blood pressure and help prevent kidney disease, as well. Protein From Yellow Peas May Help Lower Blood Pressure


Soy contains isoflavones, which belong to a class of compounds called phytoestrogens: natural plant chemicals that act like milder forms of estrogen, mimicking their action on the body. Eating More Soy Early In life May Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer


One of the biggest reasons that walnuts in particular are so good for us is because they are the only nut that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for many of our normal bodily functions, including neural cell development and blood clotting. Walnuts Are One Healthy Nut

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I try to have 2 cups of green tea everyday. It's very good for you. I would love to have some pomegranate but it's very expensive.

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Great list, didn't expect Champagne to be on there. I've been using Flax Seed Oil for a while now, especially post work-out. However, I need to get around to brewing more tea.

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Drink more tea!


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Best New Years wishes to you all! :)

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As a walnut farmer, I was glad to see their health benefits extolled here. They are also delicious with all types of wine (especially reds, though also with champagne), chocolate, and tea. . .

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I would live only pomegranate on the health foods list and maybe walnuts in moderation (walnuts = 60% fat). Don't believe everything you read. It's absurd to think that champagne, coffee and chocolate are health foods.

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@ Eugene: Chocolate can be healty in moderation, just get some good dark chocolate, not milk chocolate with 90 % sugar.

I'm am more sceptical of Flax and Soy.

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Males should not eat much soy.

Almost none if they want to keep their muscle as they age.

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This has helped open my eyes. I never knew that coffee was actually beneficial and tea could do so many things to help the body! I am definitely going to try White Tea and Pomegranite. It's time to get healthy!