10 Healthy Ways to Have Ice Cream for Breakfast


When I was 16, I asked my mother if I could eat ice cream for breakfast. She sighed, shook her head, and then said I could. I think at that point, she was picking her battles.

With the arrival of summer's rising temperatures, I was reminded of those breakfasts. The difference is that now, with the advent of so many creative ice cream alternatives, they can also be healthy. Here are 10 cool ways to start your day.

1. Avocado Ice Cream

This is vegan, no ice cream maker required. Do I have your attention? Yes, avocado ice cream is a thing, and what a treat it is. I just started using agave syrup and it worked very well in this, although it is quite sweet (taste it first, if you haven't used it before). I find I need very little. To keep it frugal, watch for coconut milk to go on sale. You can use avocados that are on sale, too (they don't need to be perfectly ripe to go into ice cream).

Since we're having avocado ice cream, why not serve it in a whole-wheat tortilla bowl! A light spritz of cooking spray makes these a little crispier. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon before baking, if desired. Add a scoop of ice cream, and sprinkle with toasted, sliced almonds.

2. Banana Ice Cream

Ingredients needed: Bananas. No kidding! Slice up a banana and freeze it until firm (overnight works well). Pop the slices into a food processor or sturdy blender and mash that thing up. It turns out like soft-serve ice cream. If you want to re-freeze it so that it's firmer, you can, but it's great to eat right then and there. To make it more breakfast-y, top with granola and cacao nibs.

3. Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream

Using the banana ice cream instructions above, add a half-cup of washed, sliced strawberries and process in blender or food processor. This also works well with mangos, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries. Serve in a bowl with whole-grain, cinnamon toast fingers.

4. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Toast two whole-grain waffles and cool. Add any of these ice creams in the middle and sandwich that baby together.

5. Froyo

Froyo is simply frozen yogurt. It's really easy to make, and no ice cream maker is needed. If you have priced it in the store and had sticker shock, why not make your own? Try this strawberry froyo for starters, and then experiment with mango, bananas, or berries. This is really good with whole wheat graham crackers.

6. Coconut Milk Ice Cream

All things coconut are really popular right now, and you may have all the ingredients you need for this coconut milk ice cream on hand. This is really yummy on top of a fruit salad made from chopped pineapple and mango.

7. Vegan Chocolate Chia Seed Ice Cream

This ice cream is a little more labor-intensive, but talk about healthy — chia seeds, dates, and almond milk are featured. Pour a flaky whole-grain cereal into a bowl and top with a scoop of this seemingly decadent ice cream.

8. Snowballs

If you have kids who like coconut, these will be a hit. Toast some lightly sweetened, shredded, coconut and cool. Scoop firm ice cream into a small ball shape. Roll into cooled coconut and place on a cookie sheet that has been covered with wax paper. Freeze again. Serve when very firm.

9. The "Disney Dole Whip"

I heard the instructions for these mock "Disney Dole Whips" on the radio the other day, and couldn't wait to try at home. So easy! Combine frozen fresh pineapple, frozen bananas, and almond milk.

10. Cookies and Ice Cream

Want to add more fiber to your ice cream breakfast? Any of the ice creams above are great with a breakfast cookie. These contain oats, flax seed, peanut butter, and dried fruit.

Ready to beat the heat? Give these a try for breakfast, and start your day with a big smile.

What are your favorite ice cream alternatives? Share with us!

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