10 Inexpensive Spring Spruce-Up Ideas for Your Home


After a long cold winter, nothing warms a decorator’s heart like the first signs of spring. Spring is a time to pack up the old, usher in the new, kick off the snow boots, and slip on the gardening gloves. If the warm weather has you itching to spruce up around the house, here are a few budget-friendly ideas that spring to mind. (See also: Your One-Month Guide to Spring Cleaning)

1. Clean the Windows

Let a little sun shine in. Clean your windows inside and outside to frame all that springtime green. For an easy homemade glass cleaner, mix equal parts distilled white vinegar and water. Pour into a reusable spray bottle and channel your inner Hazel.

2. Declutter

No matter how wonderful your design skills or refined your tastes, clutter detracts from the overall function and beauty of your space. Box it up, bag it up, sell it, or donate it. It’s time to clear your mind by clearing some space.

3. Accessorize

Simple accessories like new towels in the bathroom, new pillows on the bed, or a new area rug can change the vibe of an entire room (and change your mood). If you don’t want to spend on new, check out the deals at your local thrift store.

4. Replace Hardware

Replacing knobs and drawer pulls on kitchen cabinets or a bathroom vanity is an easy way to update a look quickly. For a more coordinated look, match the finishes between door knobs, hinges, knobs, pulls, and other hardware like faucets, towel bars, and robe hooks.

5. Green It Up

Whether you grow plants, have a window-sill herb garden, or just arrange a few fresh cut flowers, adding a bit of green is a quick way to spruce things up. Get cuttings from friends or make dramatic bouquets with wildflowers, budding branches, and sculptural driftwood.

6. Reorganize Closets

Almost everyone hates to do it, but cleaning closets is nearly a rite of spring. Focus on one closet at a time — decluttering, cleaning, and organizing as you go. Trust me, Monday mornings won’t seem nearly so bad when you’re facing a meticulously organized closet.

7. Revitalize Furniture

Give natural wood a new lease on life with furniture wax or polish. For pieces that are a bit worse for wear, try a scratch cover that’s formulated to match the wood’s original stain. You’ll be amazed how far a little elbow grease goes.

8. Paint It

Repainting is a simple way to get big design bang for your buck. Paint can update old furniture; brighten a room; or freshen up a front door, mailbox, or window trim. Choose timeless and coordinating (not necessarily matching) colors for a professional look.

9. Rearrange and Refresh

Sometimes sprucing up is as simple as rearranging what you already own. Rethink rooms and reconfigure furniture. Decorate subtly around a theme, bring in accent pieces from other rooms, and don’t be afraid to experiment with an eclectic mix of periods and styles.

10. Choose One High-Profile Project

If you decide to splurge on a single item, make sure it’s high-profile. Investments in good paint, a deluxe area rug, one professionally reupholstered chair, or luxurious bed linens will set the stage for the rest of your more frugal spruce-up ideas. Anchored by one high-profile project, all the smaller details will shine more brightly.

I hope a few of these ideas inspire some warm-weather decorating ideas of your own. Remember, spring is the beginning of yard sale season too — keep an eye out for great bargains and weekend decorating projects you can do on a budget.

What are your spring spruce-up projects? What projects have been waiting for your creative touches all winter long?

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Spring cleaning is an annual occurrence in my house that never gets looked over. We all take a weekend to go through our closets and donate unworn clothes, do an entire top-to-bottom cleaning of the whole house, switch out glass for screens and (my favorite) do the flower boxes! Once spring is in the air, especially in the Northeast, its like everyone comes back to life and is so much happier than during the long and dreary winter.

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I had purchased some bright, flowered material during my travels last summer and made some new throw-pillow covers last week. They were super easy and much cheaper than buying new ones. I'm generally not very crafty, but the instructor of a sewing class I took mentioned that home decor is one of the areas that sewing will save you the most money. And I love to decorate, so it is worth it to me! :)

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