10 Smart DIY Spice Storage Ideas


Spices can make or break a dish. And they aren't necessarily cheap, especially if you stock the good stuff in your pantry. Protect your tasty investments by storing them wisely. Here are 10 affordable DIY solutions that will get you organized and excited to cook your next meal. (See also: Are Your Spices Fake?)

1. Magnetic Marvel

Short on space? Use your refrigerator's real estate to house your spices. Making your rack is as easy as buying magnetic containers, filling them, and slapping them onto your fridge door. We use our refrigerator as our daughter's art gallery, so I like this idea to cut a steel sheet to size and attach it to a cabinet door — or someplace else in your kitchen — as a makeshift magnetic surface.

2. Baby Food Rebirth

You can make your own spice containers using recycled baby food jars. Just clean the jars on the inside and out and let dry. Create labels out of cardstock or stickers. If you want to stick 'em up, simply hot glue magnets onto the glass end and let set before filling and using.

3. Mason Jar Method

You may already have a good stock of mason jars hanging around your kitchen. We use large ones to hold our bulk foods, but they come in all sizes. These 4-oz jelly jars cost under $10 for 12. They would be great for purchasing bulk spices (some stores let you fill your own containers) and storing them in a drawer. There's zero waste in the process. Make the jars fancy by painting the lids with chalkboard paint for quick, custom labeling.

4. Under-the-Cabinet Solution

My friend uses the space underneath one of her upper kitchen cabinets to store spices. She bought a set of metal-topped spice containers and then mounted them — metal cap first — using industrial-strength glue. For a less sticky setup, you could install a metal strip under your cabinet and use magnets on your containers instead.

5. Test Tube Rack

Even the most frugal among us lusts over the expensive stuff from time to time. This tube rack from Dean & Deluca will set you back over $100 and stores just 20 modest kinds of spices. Try buying your own test tubes online and then storing them in a rustic box for a much more budget-friendly option.

6. Mop Holder Hideaway

Here's an ingenious idea to use something common in a new way. Pick up a few of those basic broom handle holders. Mount them on the inside of a cabinet door. Then all you need to do is stock up on the spices that come in round containers. Click them into place, and you're done!

7. Proper DIY Cabinet

I'm amazed this polished DIY rack looks so good, yet was fashioned for around $5. Cut two 30-inch and seven 8.5-inch pieces from 1x2 boards. Secure together using L brackets. Paint or stain the wood however you like. Use chicken wire, decorative metal, or even fabric to make a pretty door cover. Then attach the door and base with hinges and hang wherever makes sense in your kitchen.

8. Drawer Corral

If you can dedicate an entire drawer to your spices, grab some tension rods and get to work. All you need to do is arrange the rods horizontally or vertically to place your spice containers into neat and tidy rows. The best part is that you can modify your setup as your needs change. (See also: 20 Unexpected Uses for Tension Rods)

9. Slim Bins

When all else fails, you can always get some slim plastic bins for your existing spice explosion. Place your spices into the bins one by one. Then stack the bins atop one another to take advantage of the vertical space in your cupboards. A three-pack of slim bins costs just $6 and provides room for plenty of flavors.

10. Travel Rack

For those of you who often cook on the go, try this great mobile option. You can spoon out a portion of your favorite spices into an inexpensive pill box. In fact, I know you can get one of those guys at the dollar store! The labeling is up to you. Take your spices to the beach, camping, or over to a friend's house to make a fun dinner in.

How do you store your spices? Share with us in the comments!

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