10 Smart Storage Solutions for Your TV Room

Need a media room makeover? I certainly do. There's a lot of stuff that goes into entertainment, even for those of us who like to keep life more minimal. So check out these amazingly easy ways to get your space organized in a flash so you can enjoy more movies, tunes, and fun. (See also: How to Get Rid of Your Old Electronics)

1. Fake Built-Ins

You don't need carpentry skills to enjoy the look and function of built-ins. This organization blogger collected five Ikea Billy bookcases and assembled them together using wood and moulding for a finishing touch. She then painted them and accented the faces with patterned wallpaper. So much storage!

2. Stacked Shelving

If you have lots of media items, like CDs, DVDs, and games, consider stacking them high with a system of simple shelving. A floor-to-ceiling installation can be both practical and eye-catching. You can find basic shelving at your local hardware store along with all the brackets you need to fasten it to the wall. If you cannot find the studs, use screws with anchors for staying power.

3. Disc Jockey

I used to work in libraries, so I'm all about this streamlined approach to disc storage. Take all your CDs and DVDs out of their plastic boxes and slip them into slim paper sleeves. Arrange in a cute bin alphabetically by creating clearly marked dividers.

4. Cord Wrangler

I don't know about you, but we have a gazillion cords laying on the ground in our entertainment room. Get them in line by using cable organizers installed on the back of your TV stand. Though this project is specific to the Ikea Expedit and Signum organizers, the same concept applies to any other piece of furniture your television lives on. Attach to the back and get your cords in line.

5. Thing Organizer

There are lots of, well, things that go along with TVs, DVD players, game stations, streaming devices, sound systems, and more. Tame all the extras — cords, chargers, etc. — in file or media boxes. You'll cut out cardboard dividers to create nooks to place all your stuff inside. Don't forget to wrap the cords using ties to keep them from getting tangled.

6. DIY Ottoman

For small rooms, a DIY ottoman is genius. I'd love to make one to store my child's toys or even my workout equipment (weights, bands, rollers, etc.) for all those exercise DVDs I do at home. All you need is a galvanized metal tub to start. Then you'll cut out a circular top out of wood and upholster with foam and fabric. You can choose to add swivel casters or not. The finished ottoman can double as a coffee table or seating in a pinch.

7. Hidden Storage

Not everything we store in our entertainment rooms is beautiful or display-worthy. Try hiding extra cords, remote controls, and other equipment with a couple tension rods and short curtains. Finding the exact size you need at the store might be difficult, so try making your own curtains out of fabric and iron-on hemming tape. Just cut to size, fold over edges, and leave room for the rod before heating.

8. Speaker Solution

Clunky speakers cramping your style? My husband and I are continually arguing about the best way to have surround sound without all the bulk and eyesores. A great idea is to slip them under a skirted table. That way, he gets his subwoofer and I get my tidy room.

9. Record Station

We have an impressive collection of vinyl that needs a place to live. This DIY record cabinet looks easy to assemble and has distinct industrial flair. Beyond that specific project, I like the general idea of using old crates — metal or wooden — as storage for records. If you can find several sturdy crates, you could stack them atop one another for a quick record shelf wherever you need one.

10. Television Cabinet

Pottery Barn has some amazing cabinets that hang over your television to hide it away in style. The problem is that they cost over $450 to purchase, depending on your TV size. Try making your own cabinet using frames and a pallet. You'll construct a box on the wall before mounting your TV and putting the frames on hinges to open and close.

How do you keep your media room tidy?

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10 Smart Storage Solutions for Your TV Room

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