10 Surprising Uses for Coat Hooks

Chef Alton Brown is a hero of mine; he never buys an item that has only one use, unless it's unavoidable. Alton is always looking for something that you can use in many different ways, making best use of your money, and the space in your kitchen. (See also: 10 Surprising Ways to Use Bungee Cords)

So, with that in mind, here are 10 different ways you can use coat hooks of all different shapes and sizes.

1. Necklace Organization

I have two girls, 8 and 10, and I can say I am now an expert in untangling those really small gold and silver chains. But as I'd rather be spending my time with the girls than their necklaces, I hang them on a series of small coat hooks in the bedroom. They are organized by size and color, and I no longer have to spend a good 20 minutes untangling a mess of chains and beads.

2. Tablet/iPad Stations

Using the smaller plastic self-stick hooks, you can create a tablet holder in any room in your house… even the bathroom. Just place two of the hooks on a wall, using the longest side of the iPad as your guide. Then place another two hooks at the top, the same distance apart, but upside down. Now you can slide the tablet into it's custom holder and it will be held there safely, leaving your hands free.

3. Cable Tidy

Cables collect under your desk like a nest of angry snakes. Unplug and reconnect them a few times, and you have a puzzle that would test the patience of a saint. Use small coat hooks, arranged under your desk, to help with this problem. You can hang and wrap cables around them in a neat and organized fashion, making it a lot easier to separate them when the time comes to unplug.

4. Drawer Handles

Yes, many coat hooks are actually very cool alternatives for the traditional drawer handles. I replaced mine and can hang shirts from them when I'm sorting the laundry. With two on each drawer, you have 4 to 12 (or more) handy hooks at your disposal whenever you need them. Just be sure to pick sturdy hooks with screws, nothing that's self-stick or too frail and fragile.

5. Curtain Rod Holders

If you're looking for something a little different to do in the bedroom, living room, or dining room, why not replace those standard curtain rod hooks with coat hooks? They are often a lot less expensive, and do basically the same job. They, too, come in a variety of styles and colors, and allow you to really bring a unique look to the window treatment.

6. Tool Storage

Just like pots and pans, tools usually have a hole or hook integrated into the design. Use this to your advantage to organize your garage or workshop. Smaller hooks are great for things like scissors, soldering irons and hammers. Big hooks can support the weight of drills, sanders and saws. And speaking from experience, they are much more sturdy than the pegboard hooks that always seem to fall out when you remove a tool.

7. Pan Lid Holders

Those lids for your pots and pans can be quite the storage headache, especially if you like to hang your pans above the cooking area or kitchen island. One simple way to deal with the pan storage pain is to utilize the space on the inside of your cabinet doors. A couple of small hooks (the self-stick plastic ones) placed a few inches apart at an angle will hold a pan lid in place. It also makes it easy to remove when you need it. Give it a try. And speaking of pans…

8. Pan Holders

If you are running out of storage space in the cupboards, make space on a kitchen wall for your pans. Almost all of them will come with a hole in the handle for ease of hanging. Arrange coat hooks in a straight line (or a pattern if you're feeling adventurous) and hang them on a kitchen or dining room wall for easy access (and a great display if you have really top notch pans).

9. Extension Cord Storage

Two coat hooks can put an end to those extension cord tangles. I got the idea when I was wrapping up the cord on the vacuum cleaner. Why not use two coat hooks, mounted vertically or horizontally on the garage wall, to keep the extension cords in order? You can wrap the cords tightly, which is much better than the usual coil that can unravel or get caught on other items. Put three of fours sets of coat hooks in a row at different widths apart and you can accommodate extension cords of all shapes and sizes. They are also really good for Christmas lights.

10. Ironing Board Hanger

Coat hooks often hold way more weight than the average coat. This is why they're perfect for hanging ironing boards. Find two durable brass, iron, or steel coat hooks that the foot of the ironing board will easily fit into. Hang these horizontally on the wall of your laundry room, and you now have a great place for the ironing board to go without constantly tripping over it on laundry day.

What cool uses for coat hooks have you come up with? Please share in comments!

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