10 Surprising Ways to Use Bungee Cords

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Everyone has a bungee cord or two hanging around the house or garage. They're handy little things for securing items, come in a wide variety of lengths, and they're inexpensive.

They're also really, really versatile. Here are 10 useful and creative ways to use your bungee cords.

1. A Second Curtain Panel Holder

Look around the hardware stores and you'll see that the price of a double curtain rod is double the price of a single. That's annoying, as most of the time that second panel is made of something much more sheer, and is not the focus of the window treatment. So, instead of buying a double, simply stretch a bungee cord between the fittings and put your sheer panels on that. The front panels will hide the bungee cord ends, and they take just seconds to fit. (See also: 20 Unexpected Uses for Tension Rods)

2. A Ball/Cuddly Toy Holder

You know those ball holders they have in places like Target and Walmart, that use long elastic cords to keep the balls in place? Well, they can be made using bungee cords. Just find a space in your garage and stretch handful of bungee cords vertically from a shelf, or the wall, to some hooks screwed into the garage floor. Now, you can keep all your balls, toys and other loose items behind them. Everything is easy to access, but is kept firmly in place until needed. You can also stretch them horizontally between the studs to hold balls, tools and other loose items.

3. Holding Down the Garbage Can Lid

Even if the lid of the garbage can lock on its own, it's rarely strong enough to stop a stiff breeze from blowing it open. On windy days, that means your garbage can spill all over the street, the lawn, and the neighbors' property. It can also be raided by critters like raccoons. Some tight bungee cords can keep the lid held firmly in place.

4. New Handles for Old Totes

Are your bag handles looking a little worse for wear? Don't throw the whole thing away. Replace the old handles with colorful bungee cords. They're flexible, stretchy, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can even swap them out with your mood.

5. Keep Bags and Groceries Steady in the Car

Wrap a bungee cord around the headrest, and hook your bag handles over the ends. No more runaway bags. You can also use bungee cords in the trunk to keep bags and boxes from shifting around in traffic.

6. Secure Your Ironing Board Cover

When you're doing some precision ironing, you do not need the hassle of an ironing board cover that refuses to stay firmly in place. You can solve that problem with bungee cords. Make a few holes in the undersides of the cover and stretch the bungee cords between them; one or two cords across the width of the board, and one down the length. That cover will not move again.

7. Emergency Suspenders

If you are out of belts or suspenders and your jeans are falling down, two bungee cords make an excellent back-up plan. They fit perfectly through the belt loops, and are surprisingly comfortable. With a sweater or t-shirt over the top, no one will even know your little secret. They're also great when you're doing DIY or grubby jobs around the house, and don't want to get a good belt or pair of suspenders dirty.

8. Windproof Your Tablecloth Outdoors

Anyone who has ever had a picnic in the park, or gone camping with tablecloths, will know the pain of a windy day. The tablecloth whips up and flies everywhere, and you usually have to weigh it down on each corner with something heavy. Of course, the second anyone moves that big bottle of ketchup or bowl of nuts, the whole plan is over. Use two bungee cords stretched across the ends of the table, and your tablecloth will stay put on the windiest day.

9. Repair a Broken Chair or Sofa

When the strapping on the back of a chair breaks, or the cushion support starts to give way, bungee cords can come to the rescue. If you string cords where the strapping used to be, and keep them as tight as possible, they will easily support a person's weight as they lean back, or sit down. For extra strength, weave the cords horizontally and vertically, over and under, for a solid lattice framework. With the cushions over the top, they won't even be seen. Or, you can make a feature of them on garden furniture.

10. Exercise

Resistance bands are becoming a common part of workout routines. You can use bungee cords as a cheap and effective alternative. If you are having trouble holding the ends, fashion a small handle from a width of thick wooden dowel, or a broom handle. They can also be used to add extra resistance to weight training routines.

Do you have an ingenious use for bungee cords? What is it?

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Bungee cords are handy little things for securing items, they come in a wide variety of lengths, and they're cheap and budget friendly. They're also really, really versatile. Here are 10 useful and creative ways to use your bungee cords. | #homehacks #hometips #bungeecords

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