10 Tempting No-Bake Desserts

Between late night baseball games, potlucks, BBQs, and all the other stuff we have going on in the warmer months, there's just not as much time for baking. Thankfully, there are a number of desserts that come together without the use of an oven. The best part? They taste great and can even be quite healthy (at least in some cases).

So check out some of our top picks for no-bake treats, and we'd love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

1. Icebox Cake

This strawberry icebox cake takes just minutes to put together. The "cake" is actually made up of graham crackers. After layering them with strawberries and whipping cream, they soften considerably. Save your best pieces of fruit for garnishing this gorgeous cake, and don't skimp on the chocolate drizzle.

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

You'll crush 16 Oreo cookies for the base of this chocolate peanut butter pie. It sets to perfection in your fridge after just three hours. To cut down on fat in the peanut butter filling, try substituting Neufchatel cheese in for the cream cheese.

3. Nutella Cookies

These Nutella cookies combine two of my favorite things: no-bake cookies and, well, Nutella. Of course, you can feel free to experiment with other nut butters and spreads to change the flavor as you wish. And you'll need to use quick cooking oats instead of rolled or steel-cut for the best success.

4. Watermelon Cake

If you're looking for a healthier dessert alternative, try this watermelon cake. To make, just cut out the inside of a watermelon, then top with whipping cream beat with powdered sugar and vanilla. Garnish with a colorful assortment of fresh fruits.

5. S'mores Bars

Bring the cookout indoors with these s'mores bars. The mix includes graham cracker cereal, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, syrup, butter, and vanilla extract. Melt all ingredients besides the cereal, then stir together and add more mini marshmallows before pressing into a dish to set.

6. Cheesecake Bars

These cheesecake bars are so simple to make! Combine cream cheese with powdered sugar before adding in whipping cream for richness. While they set in your refrigerator, you'll make the blueberry sauce. Consider trying other fruits — like strawberries, blackberries, or raspberries — depending on what's in season.

7. Banana Ice Cream

Here's one of the best tricks I've learned in recent years: Bananas make incredible ice cream. This banana pineapple ice cream is no exception. Use ripe bananas since they have the most natural sweetness. If yours are green, you can stick them in a paper bag to speed up the process. Blend your ingredients, then pop everything in the freezer for 30 minutes before devouring.

8. Salted Toffee Popcorn

Whether you're watching a movie or just hanging out, this salted toffee chocolate popcorn will hit the spot. After you've popped your popcorn, you'll coat with microwaved chocolate, toffee candy, and salt. You'll want to use coarse sea salt instead of iodized table salt for the best flavor and texture.

9. Creamsicle Bites

Or take your dessert with a side of protein. The secret ingredient in these creamsicle bites is vanilla Greek yogurt. Mix the yogurt with a package of orange Jell-O. Microwave, and stir until smooth (and all the sugar is dissolved). Chill just one hour and then you're done.

10. Cookie Butter Crispy Treats

Snap, crackle, and pop. These cookie butter Rice Krispies treats take your childhood favorite to a new dimension. The only real change to the classic recipe is with the addition of a half cup of cookie butter. You can also use other nut butters and spreads to suit your mood (and your cravings).

Do YOU have a favorite no-bake dessert we haven't tried?

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