10 Things You Should Always Order on Amazon


I love Amazon. The prices they charge run from competitive, to "how can they stay in business charging so little!?" And like many of my friends, I now go to Amazon before any other site when it comes to buying nearly anything. Having Amazon Prime pays for itself very quickly, with free two-day shipping on thousands of items. And Prime Pantry is also a great option for many items, with just a $5.99 flat delivery fee for boxes weighing up to 45 pounds.

So, in no particular order, here are 10 items you should always be ordering on Amazon:

1. Pet Food

Depending on the size and breed of animal you own, buying pet food can be costly, or downright extortionate. If you own a large-breed dog, you're also faced with carrying a huge amount of food from the store every time you need to stock up. Let Amazon take care of that for you. Whether it's dry or canned food, Amazon has thousands of options. Prime shipping covers most of them, the prices are slashed on many items, and you can also choose Subscribe & Save for additional 5%–10% discounts.

2. Dishwasher Tablets

There are two very important reasons to buy your dishwasher tablets from Amazon — price and convenience. Running out of those detergent tablets is a real pain, and when you go to the grocery store you pay top dollar for them. Amazon has a great range, and offers them with either free Prime shipping, Prime Pantry, or Subscribe & Save. I get my Finish Powerball Dishwasher Detergent delivered every 90 days, for just $12.28 per pack and free shipping. That's cheaper than WalMart, and it's all done automatically.

3. Diapers and Wipes

When you're the parent of a child in diapers, you know just how expensive it can be to keep them fresh and clean. Diaper run 30–50 cents each, and when you figure in the cost of wipes (and how bulky the boxes are), it can make bringing them home a costly hassle. Turn to Amazon.

You will find great deals on name-brand diapers, especially if you use Amazon Prime or Prime Pantry. And once again, as this is the kind of item you will be using every month, look for Subscribe & Save options for additional discounts and free shipping. You can get an additional 20% off for signing up for the S&S service. For example, Pampers Cruisers Size 6 Giant Pack runs $41.22 list price. Amazon Prime price drops it to $35.10, and if you use Subscribe & Save, it drops further to $28.08. That's over $13 off the original price, with free shipping! And make sure you look into Amazon Mom for your savings.

4. Coffee Pods

There's no denying that coffee pods, in particular the K-Cups, are incredibly popular these days. Almost everyone I know has a machine that takes K-Cups or pods of some kind. However, they can be expensive, especially if you buy them in small batches of 10–18 per box. Skip that, and get the bigger boxes from Amazon. With the free shipping options available to you, you can get a much better deal by buying in bulk. And of course, this is another great Subscribe & Save purchase, with further discounts making 80-count boxes come in well under $30.

5. Toilet Paper

Most of us buy toilet paper in packs of at least 6 to 12. Even then, they take up a lot of room in the grocery cart (and your trunk). Instead, buy more of it less often on Amazon, and get it delivered for free. Right now, you can get a pack of 48 double rolls of either Quilted Northern or Angel Soft for under $23 using the Subscribe & Save feature. Figure out how long it will last you, and opt for a free delivery interval that will ensure you never run out again.

6. Cooking Oils

From extra virgin, to corn and sunflower oils, we all go through a lot of cooking oil every year. Take advantage of Amazon Prime Pantry and Subscribe & Save deals to drastically cut the costs of your annual cooking oil supplies. I like to get the Zoe brand of Extra Virgin Olive Oil; it gets stellar reviews, and is just $12 for a 33.8 fluid oz. can. I also order peanut oil through Amazon; it's way cheaper than it is in grocery stores and is excellent for deep frying.

7. Vitamins

If you use vitamin supplements regularly, Amazon will save you a lot of money. There is a massive variety (over 113,000 items come up on an initial search) and you have Prime, Prime Pantry, and Subscribe & Save options available. If you opt for the Prime Pantry, split the small $5.99 shipping fee with a few friends and order all of your vitamins together in bulk. Just make sure you know you can use them before they expire.

8. Furnace Filters

It's recommended that you replace your furnace filter at least every three months — but it's also something that is very easy to overlook. Use Amazon to save time and money by getting your furnace filters through a Subscribe & Save order. The range available runs the gamut, from the bargain-basement variety, up to the top-of-the-line filters that stop anything and everything. If you aren't interested in getting a regular delivery, stock up and use Amazon Prime for free delivery and big savings.

9. Shampoo and Conditioner

As a bald guy, I can't speak for this one personally. But, when I asked my friends and coworkers what they buy regularly on Amazon, shampoo and conditioner came near the top of the list. There are hundreds of different brands available, and you can take advantage of Prime, Prime Pantry, and Subscribe & Save options. Expect to save a considerable amount of money over the year, and you'll never run out again. This is also a good option for shower gels, soaps, deodorants, lotions, and other personal hygiene products.

10. Cat Litter

It's heavy. It's smelly. It's expensive, especially when you consider what it's used for. Amazon is the perfect place to go for your regular supply of cat litter. You can find deals in Subscribe & Save, Prime, or Prime Pantry, with some litter coming in at just over $4 for a 20lb bag! (In that instance, that's around 20 cents per pound, delivered to your doorstep for under $6 shipping.) There really is no other way to get your cat litter.

What items do you regularly order on Amazon?

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Batteries and air filters for the AC are also good to buy in bulk off of Amazon. Especially when you can apply a coupon.

We used to buy diapers and wipes from Amazon, but Costco ends up being cheaper since Amazon started charging tax (even with prime and subscribe and save).

Guest's picture

I get good ol number ten: a 40-pound bag of cat litter for just over $15, shipped to my front door. And it's just as good as any litter I've ever bought from a brick-and-mortar store.

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DON'T ORDER PET FOOD! We bought a large bag of our regular brand of premium cat food and were very excited to be able to obtain it from Amazon. But immediately after starting our two boys on this bag they became extremely sick. An expensive trip to the vet confirmed the problem was the new food bag. We will never trust Amazon again for cat food but will probably still buy litter there. Not sure what happened to the food but it's just not worth the risk of having two very sick cats anytime in the future.

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JP Clough

Amazon are very good at what they do, and certainly competitive, but they have a very poor ethical record, especially in terms of workers' rights and tax avoidance. If you're interested, search on 'Amazon Boycott'.

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Have you read about the horrible working conditions at Amazon shipping centers?

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Sardines too!

Guest's picture

I almost always have some kind of snack food in my monthly delivery, such as Larabars, granola bars, or nuts. They are usually about half of what I'd pay at my local grocery store. I've never thought to buy cooking oil through Amazon!

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In order for it to be cost effective, you'd need to order enough items to get free shipping. I'd never pay shipping on a $4 bag of cat litter when I can get it for that price at Big Lots or sometimes Walmart. Would be worth it if you could order all the above items at one time...but only if you need them.

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If you order from Amazon a lot, it may be in your best interest to get a Prime membership. In most cases the Prime price is usually the cheapest.

Guest's picture

My cat food is almost twice as much on Amazon as I can pick it up at the grocery store! Charmin toilet paper is also much more expensive than I get it for at Sam's Club. I just don't see the savings here even with Amazon Prime being used for the free shipping. Is this an Amazon sponsored article?

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I'm a Prime member and I also continually scan prices on Amazon and my local stores. Many times I do buy things from Amazon but it all depends on the product and specific brand. With toilet paper it is much cheaper to buy Scott brand toilet paper from Amazon (esp if you use the Subscribe and Save option). There is also another article on this site that has the top things NOT to buy from Amazon.

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I agree with you. The prices for 36.5# bag of Pedigree at my local Kroger is $19-22 before coupons. Amazon Prime price is $35.00 + $5 - 10 shipping. Finish 32-pack Gel Packs are $7 at Kroger vs $8 on Amazon. Agan, before coupons. Toilet paper is also MUCh more expensive.

This must be an article ghost written by Amazon.

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I would love to buy off Amazon, except that Australians can't really buy off amazon.... -_-
Thanks though.

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Where are people shopping that a $4 + $6 (shipping) 20-pound bag of cat litter seems like a good deal?

Granted, I buy generic at Wal-Mart (25-pound bag for $3), but even spending $5 for a name-brand 20-pound bag is better than $10. Am I missing something?

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Great tips for Amazon buys. We always buy diapers and wipes this way. I haven't thought about buying toilet paper so I need to look into that!

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I'm not sure if this is inappropriate for this website or not but condoms are significantly cheaper on Amazon as well. A 12 pack of Trojans at the store is usually around 12 to 14 dollars but you can get a 36 pack on Amazon for the same price.

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David Givens

funny. if i had a need for them i would not care how much i paid!