10 Wonderful Ways to Use Wallpaper

Do you have old wallpaper remnants collecting dust in your closet? Or perhaps you've seen some patterns that inspire you, but aren't right for an entire room? Whatever the case, you can use wallpaper for some pretty nifty projects. Check out our top picks and feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.

1. Framed Art

For quick art on the cheap, try framing wallpaper. You get the look and whimsy of wallpaper without the long-term commitment. Just cut paper to the size of some thin wood panels. Moisten and stick on, making sure to brush away the bubbles. Then use inexpensive trim pieces to make your frame.

2. Dresser

Or dress up an old dresser by lining its drawers with wallpaper. This project cost only $25, and the author found a great way to get fancy wallpaper for less: Order samples! Alternatively, you can put the wallpaper on the faces of your drawers for a bolder look.

3. Stairs

This blogger made her "stairway to heaven" using wallpaper samples to lead the way. Simply cut paper to fit your stairs. Then wet, stick, and smooth. Try mixing and matching patterns for a fun look that will brighten your whole house.

4. Bookcase

Give your old bookcase some pop by adding a colorful wallpaper backing. Remove the shelves before measuring the length and width of your bookcase. Then cut wallpaper to the exact measurements before brushing with paste and adhering.

5. Window Shade

Window treatments need not be expensive. Breathe new life into boring shades by covering them with wallpaper. Unroll the shade and cut your paper to size. Cover the shade with wallpaper paste and stick on your new print.

6. Clipboard

Jazz up an old clipboard by adding wallpaper to its backing. You can arrange several of them above your desk as a beautiful way to wrangle papers, bills, and other stuff. I think they'd also make great (inexpensive) gifts.

7. Headboard

Don't have a fancy bed? No problem. You can make your bedroom look like new by simply framing some wallpaper at the head of your bed. Measure and cut paper to size (the larger it is, the more dramatic the look will be). Then apply and let dry. Finish by framing out with trim.

8. Lampshade

Over the years, lampshades get dings and stains. Spiff yours up by covering it with wallpaper. This project is so easy. Cut paper to the right width and height before applying scrapbooking paste all over. Once that has dried, finish with a little grosgrain ribbon.

9. Switch Plate

Martha Stewart shows us how to customize drab switch plates by covering them with wallpaper. Cut paper so it's around half an inch longer on all sides of the plate. Cover paper with glue and center your plastic plate before letting dry. Then carefully cut out room for the switch and screws before folding the excess over and installing.

10. Accent Wall

Of course, we cannot forget the accent wall in this list. If you're having trouble deciding between prints, I love this patchwork wallpaper wall using different designs and colors. It's like making a quilt with paper. Cut squares or rectangles of different papers and arrange them on the floor (or on a bed) before sticking on the wall.

Is wallpaper part of your interior design arsenal?

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You can also use wallpaper to cover books. There are tutorials online that even show you how to add the book's title to the cover.