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Wise Bread’s Wise Driving Guide: 108 tips to raise your fuel economy

Survive the high gas prices and economic slump with these actionable tips to increase your car's fuel efficiency, including extreme hypermiling techniques and popular myths. This is the only resource you need to maximize your MPG. This ebook is FREE if you subscribe to our Daily Deals newsletter! We're all about helping you save money!

This is the only guide you need to increase your fuel economy and save money on gas.

With gas prices going up every day, it is increasingly important to be aware of your car's fuel efficiency.  Any improvement to your MPG (miles per gallon) will lead to big savings. 

In this comprehensive ebook, you will find loads of helpful information.

  • Driving tips to change your habits and show you a new ways of looking at the road.
  • Car tips to help keep your car in its best condition.
  • Lifestyle tips that will challenge your personal habits that will result in fewer visits to the pump. 
  • A special worksheet to log your mileage and gas purchases!

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