11 Brilliant DIY Light Fixtures


Why are all lighting options so vanilla? Or ridiculously expensive?

Here's something you might not know: You can make your very own light fixtures. You don't even need much electrical knowledge. Learn how below.

1. Jar Chandelier

I'm one of those people who's obsessed with canning jars. So, I love this mason jar chandelier more than most projects I've seen. Make a ceiling plate from wood. Then, drill holes for wires. Punch holes in the tops of your jar lids. Attach everything together and bask in the warm glow.

2. Concrete Pendants

You can make a whole fleet of gorgeous concrete pendants with just one $6 bag of mix. You'll use recycled plastic bottles as your mold — one large and one small enough to fit inside the large one. After you've set your light, snake the cord through and hang using a cheap bracket from IKEA.

3. Basket Light

Hunt around at thrift and antique shops for neat old baskets. Then make this simple basket pendant by flipping it upside-down. Stick a light kit inside and you're done. If you're looking for a specific finish on your hardware, you can also use a cheap pendant as your base.

4. Can Pendants

Check out these beautiful can pendant lights! Buy a couple quart-sized tin cans at your local hardware store. Punch pretty designs in them with a hammer and nail. Then use a candlelight bulb kit to illuminate.

5. Industrial Track

Going for a more industrial look in your place? This plumbing pipe light is sure to please you. You'll need lots of threaded nipples (that's a thing), elbows, floor flanges, and tees. Take the handy shopping list with you to the store and ask for help if you need it. Then assemble the fixture, coat with rubbed bronze spray paint, and thread the electrical.

6. Orb Light

I'm sure you guys have seen those orb lights on designer websites. Here's a chance to save some cash and make your own. This tutorial calls for embroidery hoops — absolutely genius! You carefully connect them, then spray paint them whatever color you'd like. String the light through and enjoy.

7. Modern Pendant

Those of you who dig geometric patterns will go nuts for this $10 pendant light. You'll spray straws in gold paint and then string them in triangular patterns. Attach them to a basic pendant kit, and you have a smart new light.

8. Doily Lamp

Have a more feminine signature style? Try this doily lamp tutorial. Blow up a large balloon. Coat doilies in glue or wallpaper paste. Stick them onto the balloon, leaving a bit of space to later thread a light kit. Let everything dry before hanging.

9. Lampshade Light

Turn your traditional view of lampshades around with this DIY lampshade light. You'll take the frame of two lampshades and attach them together using copper wire. Spray paint the pendant any color of the rainbow. Then hang with a standard light kit.

10. Chicken Wire Pendant

If you're cultivating a farmhouse style, try making this chicken wire pendant. Again, you'll use some embroidery hoops as your frame. Then wrap in the chicken wire before painting. Stick your light kit through the top hoop and hang.

11. Cloud Light

By now, I think you've realized that if there's a hole in the top of something, you can make a light out of it. These fluffy (and temporary) cloud pendants are no exception to the rule — but they aren't plugged in. You need cotton batting, paper lanterns, LED candles, and a hot glue gun. Glue the batting to the lantern and place the candles inside. Then hang using fishing line. What a fun idea for a little accent glow.

What's the coolest DIY lighting solution you've ever seen?

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