11 Cool Uses for Popsicle Sticks

Cooling off with popsicles this summer? Don't toss the sticks! There are a number of arts and crafts you can make with your leftovers. (And if you're not into cold desserts — don't fret: you can pick up hundreds of popsicle sticks online or at your local dollar store.)

1. Coasters

These pallet coasters make an excellent gift for your DIY-loving friends. To make them look especially authentic, you'll cut the rounded edges off with sharp scissors. Stain or leave natural, depending on your preference.

2. Loom

Try out weaving with this homemade loom project. Hot glue four popsicle sticks together in a square, then tie string across the length to get started. You can give your kids a basket with various pieces of ribbon, yarn, and string to spark their creativity.

3. Workouts

Looking for exercise motivation? Try this workout jar full of colorful popsicle sticks that tell you exactly how to move. Quickie workouts could mean two sticks completed. When you have time for sweating, challenge yourself to do five or more!

4. Entertainment

Take this same idea and make a boredom busting jar. You can use our summer bucket list to get inspiration for family friendly ideas or come up with your own. Then write them down on the sticks, decorate, select your activity, and enjoy.

5. Journal

This stick journal would make a fun book for kids and adults alike. If you're not into bookbinding, you can just adhere the popsicle sticks to a simple notebook. Then embellish anyway you like to make it personal.

6 Doll House

I'm already drafting the plans to make my daughter a popsicle stick doll house. All you need are the sticks and hot glue. Older kids might be able to tackle this project by themselves. Arrange sticks to make the walls, room dividers, and then roof. Leave one side open for play.

7. Frame

Display your life's memories with this photo frame made entirely of popsicle sticks. After you download the free instructions, you'll assemble the sticks and leave room for the photo. The rest is just gluing and dry time, you can orient the frame horizontally or vertically.

8. Wall Art

I cannot believe this gorgeous piece of artwork is made from popsicle sticks. You can replicate the look by dying or painting sticks different colors and gluing them to a backing (styrofoam would work) for added stability. Play around with colors and patterns for a unique look. The best part? Your whole family can help.

9. Dolls

When your child gets bored of the same old toys, try making these craft stick dolls. You can draw faces and clothing onto the sticks with markers. Make them even more beautiful with colorful washi tape or stickers. What a great rainy day activity!

10. Chandelier

No, really. You can make a popsicle stick chandelier. You'll need three wooden embroidery hoops of different sizes. Then glue sticks onto each hoop and let dry before assembling. You may not want to swing by this chandelier, but it will surely be a conversation piece.

11. Toy

Here's a last-minute gift for a child's birthday party: Stick art kit. All you need are jumbo popsicle sticks and round Velcro stickers. Put the stickers on the sticks (25 to be exact), then package them up in a pretty bag with the free printable tag. Kids will create shapes for hours with them.

What cool things have you made with popsicle sticks?

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11 Cool Uses for Popsicle Sticks

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