11 Creative Ways to Use Golf Balls Around the House


I used to play golf several times a week, but now I never find the time. As a result, I have a lot of golf balls laying around the house.

But there's no need to let those old balls clutter your home. With a little creativity, you can turn a typical golf ball into a nice home furnishing or even a nice accent to your garden.

Consider these creative ways to put your old golf balls to use around the home.

1. Massager

Take one or two golf balls and roll them over any muscles that might feel tense. You can even place a pair of golf balls on the ground and then lay on them for a great back massage. During a recent road trip across the Midwest, I found myself using a golf ball to relieve tension in my neck as I drove. Golf balls also work great on the arches of your feet.

2. Light Dimmer Switch

Using just a drill and a long screw, you can turn a boring round dimmer switch into a golf-inspired dimmer similar to this one. You can use the whole ball, but it could also work if you cut the ball in half.

3. Vase Filler

People fill vases with everything from colored gems to sea shells to pinecones and peas. Why not golf balls? Select a mixture of colored and white balls to create a fun accent to any room.

4. Drainage for Potted Plants

Line the bottom of a pot with some golf balls and then place dirt on top. The golf balls will allow water to drain more easily, so there's less danger of over-watering. With the improved drainage, plant roots are less likely to rot.

5. Critters for the Garden

A look on Pinterest shows a number of do-it-yourself projects featuring golf balls transformed into small animals, including insects, spiders, and frogs. A little paint and some small wires are all you need to make whimsical decorations for your flowerbeds.

6. Christmas Ornaments

Golf balls are the perfect size and weight for some fun decorations to hang on your tree. It's easy to glue three balls together to make a snowman, or just decorate one ball to make a face of Santa or other characters.

7. Meat Tenderizer

Sure, you could pound your steak with a fancy kitchen mallet, but if you don't have one handy, take a golf ball and roll it over the meat with some hard pressure. (Just make sure your golf ball isn't one you just retrieved from a scummy pond.)

8. Table Cloth Weights

So you're all set up for the picnic, but the table cloth keeps blowing away in the wind. You can solve this problem by sewing each of the four corners of the table cloth around a golf ball. It's just enough weight to keep the shoo-fly pie and watermelon off the ground.

9. Coat/Hat Rack

Glue or drill a few golf balls to some small pegs, then attach to a plank of wood for a sporty spot to hang your jacket or cap.

10. Bath Tub Plug

If your stopper is missing or broken, you may find that a golf ball fits perfectly into your drain. And according to one YouTube user, the ball will gradually roll back into the drain on its own once you remove it, thus preventing heat from escaping your home.

11. Laundry Ball

We're delving a bit into the realm of pseudoscience here, but there are some companies who have sold specially designed balls with claims that adding them to your laundry cycle will clean your clothes without the use of detergent. The claims of these products have been largely debunked, but even some skeptics say the mechanical action of a ball in the laundry may have a positive effect. In which case, an old golf ball will work just as well.

What do you do with your golf balls when you aren't spoiling a good walk? Please share in comments!

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