11 Delicious Breakfast Dishes for Your Grill


When most of us think about grilling, visions of hotdogs and hamburgers come to mind. Well, it's time to try something new, and I've got just the thing: Breakfast. There are so many delicious breakfast staples that are prime for grilling, it's hard to choose just one recipe. So consider hosting a BBQ brunch so you can try them all! (Many of these recipes also work on an open fire, so they'd be great for camping.)

1. Eggs

One way to cook eggs on the grill is the muffin tin method. Just spray cups with oil, crack eggs into each, and cook for a couple minutes. Or you could try the aluminum foil method. Create small round trays for your eggs using the foil. Coat with cooking oil, crack eggs inside, and cook on medium heat.

2. Omelette

If you have a metal pie plate, you can make this bacon omelette on the grill. Crisp your bacon the grates while you whisk together two eggs with some milk, cheese, salt, and pepper. Then cover the bottom of your metal plate with tin foil, spritz the inside with nonstick cooking spray, and cook your omelette.

3. Breakfast Pizza

If you've grilled pizza before, try this breakfast pizza for a new twist. Roll out pizza dough into 1/4 inch thickness and brush with olive oil. Preheat grill to its highest setting. Then grill for 30 seconds and flip over. Crack eggs onto the crust, close lid for a few minutes, then layer with your other toppings and cook until cheese is bubbly. (See also: This Is How You Grill Pizza at Home)

4. Cinnamon Rolls

This genius cinnamon roll recipe was designed for baking over a campfire. The highest heat setting on your grill should do the trick just as well. Slice oranges in half and remove fruit. Then take store bought cinnamon roll dough and place in each half. Place atop a baking sheet or in a muffin tin. Bake covered until golden.

5. Smoked Ham Fattie

I had never heard of a fattie before, but those of you who love meat will surely want to try this smoked ham fattie on the grill. You'll mix a filling of fried potatoes, ham, and cheeses. Then you'll envelope it in sausage. Before grilling, place it all inside woven bacon and sprinkle with pepper.

6. Egg and Cheese Burritos

Here's another campfire recipe that would work perfectly on a hot grill: breakfast burritos. First cook up your eggs, hash browns, and sausage (optional). Place the filling inside flour tortillas and roll up tight. Cover in tin foil and cook on your grill until outside is lightly browned. You can store in foil before cooking for several days.

7. Chicken Sausage Casserole

Head to your local dollar store and pick up one of those disposable foil lasagna pans. You'll need it to bake this breakfast casserole. Preheat your grill to medium while you layer all the ingredients in the well greased pan. Cover everything with tin foil and bake for 30 minutes. Remove foil and let brown another 10 minutes before cooling and serving. If you're vegetarian, try using mushrooms in place of the meat.

8. Hash Browns

For a simple side, try grilling up hash browns. Thaw frozen hash browns before placing them in foil with onion, bouillon granules, salt, pepper, and butter. Seal foil around the potatoes and cook for 10–15 minutes.

9. French Toast

There's no reason to skip the sweet stuff outdoors, and this French toast recipe serves a large crowd. Wrap a loaf of bread in parchment and contain that in some foil, leaving room open on top. Then pour liquid egg whites (or beaten eggs) evenly over the entire loaf. Place on grill on low to medium heat for up to 45 minutes. Top with sliced strawberries and maple syrup.

10. Plain Toast

You might not know that putting naked bread atop your grill won't burn it to a blackened crisp. Instead, if you cook each side for around 30 seconds, you'll get a toasty texture that's perfect for spreading nut butters, butter, jam, or whatever else you're craving for breakfast.

11. Grilled Nectarines

And you've got to try these grilled nectarines (or any grilled fruit, for that matter). This recipe is written for cooking on the stove, but you can do the same thing stop medium-high heat outdoors. Slice fruit in half and remove pit. Place with the flesh down on your grill for five minutes or until soft and juicy. Place atop Greek yogurt and drizzle with honey.

What's your favorite breakie-on-the-grill recipe?

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