11 Ideas to Make a Small Space Seem Bigger

By POPSUGAR Smart Living on 7 February 2013 2 comments
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The winning design of a competition held by Mayor Bloomberg for the best micro-home proposal was announced recently and was chosen for its smart use of maximizing storage space and lighting. The micro-units, measuring 250 to 370 square feet, are being established in part to address the housing shortage in the populated city of New York.

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You don't need an interior designer to help make the most of your small space. If your home feels a little bit too micro for you, there are plenty of easy tricks you can use to make it seem spacier than it really is. Read on for some smart decorating tips.

1. Double Duty

Choose furniture that serve multiple purposes to make the most out of them. For example, using a hollowed out ottoman for a coffee table or opting for a sofa bed that can double as a sofa and a bed.

2. Translucent Is the Way to Go

Picking furniture that’s transparent and translucent, like ones made out of lucite or glass, can lighten the room, which is key to making it look bigger than it is.

3. Display Them

Don’t have a place to put certain items? Try to display them in an artful way and make them look like part of the decor.

4. Hidden Storage

Find ways to maximize every space possible, especially the ones that are hidden. Store clothes and other items in a plastic container under your bed or under your sink.

5. Furniture With Legs

Instead of furniture with a solid and bulky base, try picking ones that stand on thin but sturdy legs, such as chairs with metal legs.

6. Go Light

The color palette of your home should be on the lighter end. Think white, pastels, and muted colors. The light decor will open up your room and make it feel spacier than it is.

7. Think Up

When you live in a small apartment, the space gets filled up quickly. Be creative and make sure the pieces you have are tall and narrow. For example, pick tall and skinny bookcases and side tables.

8. Measure Before Buying

You need to work with the limited space so make sure you’re measuring it before you get furniture that’s too large or too small. Not having the right size can make the apartment look smaller than it is.

9. Clear Clutter

Purge your apartment of the unnecessary and be aggressive about getting rid of items. Digitize memorabilia you’re hanging onto and dispose of items you’re not using. Clutter can make a small home seem cramped and getting rid of it will create more visible space.

10. Don't Block the Windows

Let the natural light shine through and keep the curtains simple so as not to make the room feel stifled.

11. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Add mirrors if it makes sense and if it doesn’t clutter up your tiny home. If placed correctly, mirrors can seemingly widen your room’s perimeters as well as lighten your room by reflecting light.

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Really awesome and wonderful ideas! I really agree with Numbers 1 and 9.Fantastic tips!Looking forward for the next topic.Hope it will be about bedroom :)Thanks

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I think hidden storage is the number one way to go if you want to make things more compact to have a space feel bigger. Tables that have storage in them and cabinets that are built into the wall are great ways to do that. Good list!