11 Jobs With High Earnings and Growth

You need a job. But not just any job. You want a job where opportunities are plentiful, and you'd like to make a decent wage.

The nation's economy is always shifting, but there are a number of careers that are projected to need thousands of new qualified workers within the next decade. And many of them offer great pay. Some may be in industries you never considered, but if you're open minded, you may just find the perfect position for you. Here are several jobs that offer good projected growth in employment opportunities and wages.

1. Market Research Analysts

Be a part of the Big Data revolution. These days, there's a wealth of data being collected about our buying habits and web activity and everything else we do from companies like Amazon and Facebook. Someone has to slice and dice that stuff and turn it into actionable information. This job has a projected growth rate of 19% or more, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with median pay between $50,000 and $75,000.

2. Elevator Installers and Repairman

What? Fixing elevators? Well, BLS reports that position has a projected growth rate of 13% or more and a median salary of more than $75,000. Pretty good for a position that does not require a college degree.

3. Registered Nurses

As Baby Boomers age, the demand for nurses is expected to grow by 16% between 2014 and 2024, representing about 439,300 positions. And these are well-paying jobs; the median salary for a registered nurse is about $65,000.

4. Software Developers

The world is going to continue to need applications for computers, smartphones, and other devices. BLS projects a 17% increase in employment opportunities in this sector by 2024, with a median salary of more than $90,000.

5. Civil Engineers

America is always going to be building things. The BLS says there will be 23,600 more employment opportunities for those with skills to design and oversee large construction projects by 2024. Median pay is about $80,000.

6. Genetic Counselors

A whole new world of careers opened up once scientists discovered how to map the human genome. The intersection of health and genetics is now a very big deal. Genetic counselors help people understand how their genetics may have an impact on their future health. They may work in private practice, for health care companies, or even insurance companies. Counselors are already paid $65,000 — and BLS says there will be a 29% jump in jobs by 2024.

7. Dieticians and Nutritionists

People are becoming more aware of how food choices affect their health, and this is one profession that is expected to play a key role in the health community as doctors look to prevent disease, not just treat it. There were about 67,000 dieticians and nutritionists in 2014, but you can expect that to rise by 16% by 2024. The median salary is a very solid $55,000.

8. Occupational Therapists

Even a low-paid occupational therapist can make $50,000, and those employed in skilled nursing facilities can make close to $80,000 annually. Occupational therapists help ill, disabled, or injured people to become more mobile and carry out tasks. And the job outlook is good, with a 27% increase in jobs by 2024, outpacing even most jobs in the healthcare arena. One caveat: you will likely need a master's degree to work in this field. (See also: 7 Certifications That Add Big $$ to Your Salary)

9. Logistician

People are never going to stop buying things, and we'll always need someone to figure out how to move goods from one place to another. Logisticians work in all kinds of organizations to set up supply chains and manage a life cycle of a product. You may need a bachelor's degree for these jobs. But if you're qualified, you can make upwards of $73,000 annually. More than 2,500 logistician jobs are projected to come online within the next decade.

10. Corporate Trainers and Development Specialists

As the economy transforms, there will be people needed to help workers get the necessary skills and certifications. As a trainer, you will plan and administer programs to keep employees' qualifications up to date. These jobs pay pretty well — about $56,000 annually — and there will be an 7% increase in employment opportunities by 2024.

11. Lab Technician

Another job in the healthcare field that should see good growth over the next few years. Lab techs will test samples of bodily fluids and other substances. It's an important job, and you don't need a medical degree. Median salary is about $50,000, and there will be 52,000 new lab tech positions in the near future.

Note: All data via the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook, which is a terrific resource for job searchers and the career-curious.

Did we miss any jobs with serious growth potential on this list? Let us know in the comments!

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Do you want a job where opportunities are plentiful, and you'd mskr s great wage.Here are several jobs that offer good projected growth in employment opportunities and wages. #careeradvice #careertips #career

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