11 Last Minute Gifts for Book Lovers


Shoot! Christmas is in... how many days now?

If you haven't started shopping yet, rest assured that it's easy to get a fun, last-minute gift for everyone on your list who loves to read. My personal favorites are below. (See also: 21 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Book Lovers)

1. Journal of the Month

Most book lovers like to keep up with literary trends and read new works by their favorite authors and up-and-comers. Feed this need with a subscription to the Journal of the Month club, which will deliver an award-winning literary journal right to their door. Give the recipient a card letting them know when their first shipment will come, and you've got a gift for your book lover covered in a matter of minutes.

2. Bookish Temporary Tattoos

If your book lover is a fan of the classics (and what true book lover isn't?), get them some temporary tattoos featuring quotations or references from their favorite book. They're inexpensive, well-made, and as classy as a temporary tattoo can be.

3. Personalized Bookmark

Show your love with a leather bookmark — you can even add your own photo. Sure, you may have to spring for fast shipping (though I've seen these in my local bookstore, too), but leather always says you're serious.

4. A Book of Literary Cocktails

Does your book lover have classic taste in drinks as well as in literature? Get them a copy of Tequila Mockingbird, a book of cocktails based on classic literary works. You can usually pick one up at your local Barnes & Noble, or order online with expedited shipping. Pair it with the necessary ingredients for one of the cocktails, and your book lover will be in heaven.

5. A Bookish Tote Bag

There are approximately a zillion fun bookish tote bags out there. Get one that looks like a library card, or one that lists banned classics from throughout history. You can always order one (just make sure it will get to you before Christmas), but the great thing about these is that you can always pick one up at your local bookstore.

6. Classic Hidden Book Box

Who hasn't wanted one of those book safes that you can hide in your library and stuff full of cash, keys, or other treasures? No book lover in the world, that's who. Get them one with the cover of their favorite book, or with a cover so innocuous no one would ever suspect it.

7. USB Drive With 3,000 Classic Books

Sure, most classic ebooks are available online for free, but save your book lover the time and energy it would take to download them and buy this handy USB drive instead. It comes loaded with more classics than your book lover will probably read in their entire lifetime.

8. A Novel Journal

A Novel Journal makes a great gift for your favorite reader. These journals have the text of entire novels written very, very tiny print, making up the lines your journaler will write on. Find one with the text of a book by the reader's favorite author, and maybe they'll finally be inspired to write their own novel.

9. Creative Bookends

There is no shortage of creative bookends out there, so it should be a simple manner of browsing for a few minutes to find one that will suit your book lover. You can find bookends in a lot of different stores, too, if you don't want to order online.

10. Audible Membership

Audible is the place to go to find the best audiobooks. If your book lover likes to listen to their literature as well as read it, get them several months or a year's subscription. This lets them choose their own books, but still shows that you care (and that you've noticed how much they love to read).

11. Gift Certificate to a Local Bookstore

If nothing else will work, give your book lover the chance to buy their own bookish stuff. A gift certificate to a local bookstore supports a local business as well as presenting your reader with exactly what they wanted (trust me on that one!).

Did I miss anything good? What are you buying your book lover this year?

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Love the Lumiy Lightline LED desk lamp. Compact lamp that is big on light. Perfect for bedside reading!

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Jeff | VTX Capital

An audible subscription is definitely a good gift idea for someone who likes to read and maybe works a little too much and leaves no time to read. They can listen to it on the go or while they work. These are wonderful gift ideas for the book lover indeed.

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