11 Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online

The internet has opened up a million and one possibilities for earning money online. But not everyone knows exactly where to look, or how to get started. The good news is, many moneymaking opportunities don't require years of training or experience. Having those doesn't hurt, but even novices to the job market can earn money online. Whether you're strapped for cash and looking for a quick way to earn a few bucks, or you're interested in making some serious long-term income, here are 11 ideas to get you started.

1. Start a blog

You may have heard that the top blogs on the internet bring in millions of dollars per year from advertising or other sources of income such as affiliate marketing. But blogs with much smaller readerships can make great incomes, too. It takes hard work and dedication to build an audience, but it doesn't take long to set up a blog. Pick a subject you're knowledgeable and passionate about and start writing.

When my wife and I started our travel blog, we didn't know the first thing about WordPress, CSS, HTML, or any other blogging tools. We were complete newbies, but we have since built our site up to be one of the 50 most popular travel blogs on the web.

You don't need previous experience to become a blogger. You can research and learn everything you need to know about starting a blog on other blogs and in YouTube tutorials. My favorite places to learn about blogging are Neil Patel's blog, w3schools, WP Beginner, and the Yoast SEO blog.

2. Sell your stuff

Those boxes of junk stashed under the bed, the clothes you no longer wear taking up space in your closet, and even your old electronics and appliances can all be converted into hard cash. Simply sign up to an online marketplace site and get listing. It's surprising how much you can make from things you no longer want or need. (See also: How I Make $800 a Month Selling Used Clothes on eBay)

3. Take surveys

Large companies pay good money to get an understanding of how consumers think, and these days they often use online surveys to do that. There are lots of sites that allow you to complete surveys for various clients, so sign up for a few. You probably won't get rich taking surveys, but avid survey takers can earn up to $500 per month. (See also: How to Make Money Taking Surveys Online)

4. Create a YouTube channel

YouTube enables people to earn money through advertising when their videos get a high number of views. To make good money on YouTube, you'll need to create engaging videos that attract a large audience. But even small monetized channels can bring in a few dollars per month, so if you've got something to say, get started and see what you can build from there.

You don't necessarily need a background in filmmaking. In fact, many of the most popular creators have built an audience using very basic filming equipment. What the top talent does have in common, though, is a sense of humor. Laughter sells, so if you're a closet comedian, this may be your medium.

Even if you're not a natural-born clown, if you've got a unique personality or something that's visually interesting to show, you may be able to grow a following that can eventually lead to an income.

5. Sell stock photos

If you've got an eye for a great photo, now it's easier than ever to sell your images online through stock sites like Shutterstock. Companies pay to use these images for various purposes and you get a percentage of each sale when a company buys your image. The photos need to be of excellent quality, but that doesn't mean you have to be a pro photographer to sell images. Even a single photo that's frequently purchased can make a lot of cash.

I've sold photos this way and I'm by no means a professional photographer. Like many people, I take thousands of photos and every once in awhile, I take one that's worth purchasing. I use my blog as an online portfolio, but I've also sold photos directly to brands and through online marketplaces. (See also: Earn Extra Income With Your Smartphone Camera)

6. Become a virtual assistant

If you have experience as an assistant, or simply love organizing and planning, this could be the perfect virtual business for you. Get paid by companies or even individuals for completing administrative tasks from the comfort of your home. Sites like Upwork are a good starting place to find clients, but there are also a lot of niche agencies that are constantly on the lookout for reliable assistants.

A lot of virtual assistant work will require previous experience, but not all of it. I've personally hired VAs to do very simple tasks that can be done by anybody, like going through my email list and finding emails with first names in them, or copying and pasting code to multiple parts of my website. Many people who hire VAs will expect to have to train them, so you can often find work as a VA with no previous experience.

7. Rent out your parking space

If you have a driveway or a parking space in a location where parking is sought after or expensive, then you can earn money by renting it out. Whether it's a short-term rental or a yearlong agreement, sites like Parqex allow you to list your space for free and rent it out when it's convenient for you. Manage it all online and get paid directly into your bank account with no hassle.

8. Teach online

If you have teaching experience, there are plenty of opportunities out there to tutor people in real time online. But even if you're not a qualified teacher, you can still sign up as a native English speaker to help people with their conversational English skills. Sites like italki allow you to create a profile, set your rates, and gather clients through the site. (See also: How I Created and Sold My Online Course)

9. Social media management

If you adore Insta, are fabulous on Facebook, or are a pro at Pinterest, then you could be putting your skills to use as a social media manager. Companies pay good money for people to create and curate engaged audiences on their social media platforms. If you can put together a growth strategy that works and create shareable content that appeals to a large audience, you'll be in high demand.

Similar to VA work, it helps to have some previous experience in social media to get hired, but not all social tasks require an expert. Many of the tasks that people are looking for are mundane and repetitive, but can be done by anyone.

Start out working for smaller blogs for less money and completing the simplest tasks. As you learn, you can work yourself up to higher paying jobs. Request to join different Facebook groups that have a lot of bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Post in the group that you're looking for work and you may be surprised at how many people are looking to hire others to help with social media.

10. Rent your possessions

Did you know that there are peer-to-peer rental websites that allow you to make money simply by renting out belongings that you don't use? That bike that's gathering dust in your garage, the digital camera that only comes out at Thanksgiving, or even the barbecue that only gets fired up once a year — all could be earning you a passive income. Sites like Zilok allow you to list your items easily and you can quickly begin earning an income from them. (See also: 13 Surprising Things You Can Rent for Extra Cash)

11. Rent out your home

If you have a spare room in your house or apartment, or spend long periods of time away from home, you could be making money from Airbnb or other short-term rental sites. You don't even have to be a host yourself. You can pay to have a local co-host who looks after all of the time consuming bits while you sit back and watch your bank balance grow.

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11 Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online

11 Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online

11 Ways Anyone Can Make Money Online

Make Money Online


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