12 Awesome Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the most versatile ingredients you have in your kitchen. And what's even more exciting is that its application can be extended far beyond the food world. First, it's important to understand that raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar will provide all the power and benefits versus distilled varieties. That's because that raw contains living nutrients and bacteria. (See also: 254 Uses for Vinegar and Counting)

Once you pick up a bottle, you can use it in these vastly different ways.

1. Food Dressing

My husband uses apple cider vinegar in place of balsamic vinegar on his salads. I sometimes use a splash in place of white vinegar in my baking (for making vegan "buttermilks" and the like). Basically, if a recipe calls for vinegar, you can likely replace it with ACV for a new twist.

2. Cold Remedy

Kill bacteria and ease your sore throat with apple cider vinegar. Dilute a couple tablespoons ACV into one cup of warm, filtered water. You can add raw honey for taste, if you like. Drink up four to six times a day.

3. Facial Toner

If you have bad skin like I do, check out how this gal cured her acne with apple cider vinegar. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you'll dilute ACV with a little (or a lot of) water. Apply twice a day with a clean cotton ball after washing your face.

4. Foot Soak

Combine one cup epsom salts, one cup ACV, and water for this soothing foot soak. When you're done lounging, use a pumice stone to smooth your softened calluses away.

5. Tooth Whitener

Apple cider vinegar can even whiten your smile. The acids in the vinegar eat away at the stains on your teeth. Simply pour some in a cup and swish around in your mouth for one or two minutes. Spit out and then rinse with water if you don't like the taste.

6. Fly Trap

We tried this trick for the first time over the summer, and it worked wonderfully. If you're noticing lots of fruit flies in your kitchen, pour some ACV into a small glass, cover with plastic wrap, and poke some holes in it. The flies will be attracted to the smell and congregate there so you can remove them.

7. Odor Remover

Does your room stink? Pour some ACV into a small bowl and place it near the source of the offensive odor. After a while, the vinegar will help absorb the odors until they're barely noticeable. (But it's a good idea to change the litter box anyway!)

8. Deodorant

Those of you looking for a natural stink-fighting alternative, check out this apple cider vinegar spray deodorant. Just combine ACV with distilled water and essential oils in a bottle. Shake well before spritzing under your arms.

9. Hair Rinse

If you're interested in the baking soda shampoo method, you'll soon discover the rinse is — you guessed it — apple cider vinegar. If the smell is too strong for your liking, dilute in a little water before pouring onto your head.

10. Sunburn Soother

Headed someplace warm on vacation? Well, you know the sunburn is likely to follow. This two-ingredient sunburn fix is simply apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. Wet a washcloth and splash on some ACV and apply to the burned area. Then nourish with the oil.

11. Produce Wash

Dilute ACV with a ratio of one tablespoon to one cup of water to wash your fruits and veggies naturally. All you do is soak them in a bowl for five to 10 minutes, then rinse and pat dry.

12. All-Purpose Cleaner

Just combine one part water with one part ACV (much like you'd do with white vinegar) inside a spray bottle. Add essential oils if you like. Then get to work! And don't worry. The vinegar smell will fade shortly after you clean. (See also: How to Clean Everything With 3 All-Natural Cleaners)

What's your favorite awesome use for apple cider vinegar?

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12 Awesome Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

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Guest's picture

Another one to add to the list is "wood stain". Soak #0000 steel wool in apple cider vinegar for a day. This will then create a chemical reaction when mixed with the tanins in wood. Woods with higher tannin levels (oak) will get really dark. Lower tannin level woods (pine) won't darken very much. You can stain a 1200 sq ft home for about $8 (at least that's what I did).

Ashley Marcin's picture

Wow! I would have never thought of that -- but I appreciate knowing. Now I’m trying to dream up a DIY project. That’s absolutely incredible about how you did your whole house! Thank you for sharing.