12 Bathroom Hacks You Can't Live Without!


The bathroom. The restroom. The toilet. Everyone uses one several times a day, and when you do something that often, you should be armed with ways to make the whole experience better; and quicker; and even more fun!

So if you've ever wanted to know how to hack your bathroom breaks, here are 12 must-know tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your daily routine.

1. Prevent Splashing and Noise With Toilet Paper

A British comedian named Ben Elton once said "I can't stand people hearing my noises!" He was talking about that plop-splash effect when you poop. Plus, getting a jet of cold water up your bum is not pleasant either. Simply layer a few sheets of toilet paper on the surface before you commence. No more splashing, and no more noise.

2. Your Dry Sink Makes an Excellent Phone Speaker

First, it has to be bone dry. Make sure you towel it out if there is any water in there. But once you have it ready, pop your phone in the sink and play your favorite music. The bowl-shape acts like a giant sound amplifier, giving you groovy tunes while you get down to business.

3. No Plunger? Use Dish Soap and Hot Water

We've all been there. A little too much fiber in the diet one week, and we've clogged the toilet. If you don't have a plunger handy, put a squirt of dish soap into the toilet, followed by some hot, or boiling, water. It should quickly get rid of the offending blockage.

4. Hang Wrinkled Clothes While You Shower

If you like a hot shower, you can put that steam to good use. Bring in some of your wrinkled shirts or blouses and hang them on the outside of the shower curtain or door. While you clean yourself, the hot steam will release most of the wrinkles.

5. Use Toilet Paper to Prevent Auto Flushing

You know the feeling. You're all comfy on the bowl, splashdown has commenced, and then you move half an inch and end up with a torrent of water splashing around your nether regions. For some reason, the auto flush seems to be more sensitive than a fresh tattoo. Place a few sheets of paper over the sensor, and when you're ready to leave, remove them for full flushing functionality.

6. Use a Grapefruit to Clean the Tub

No one likes cleaning the bathtub, but this little hack will make the next time way easier. Simply cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle it with salt. Then, wet your tub thoroughly and use the salty grapefruit as a scrubber. Then, rinse away. It takes less elbow grease, and the bathroom smells of citrus, not nasty bleach and chemicals.

7. In a Public Bathroom, Use the Toilet Closest to the Door

We are private creatures, and whenever possible we will use the toilet hidden away in the corner at the back. If that's busy, out of order, or a handicapped stall, we will choose the next one along, and so on. People bypass the very first toilet because it's close to the entrance, the sinks (and the urinals in a men's bathroom), and the people milling around. For that reason, it is the least used, the cleanest, and the most hygienic. Combine with the first tip, you don't have to worry about any noises you may make (unless you have some major tummy trouble).

8. Have a Selection of Ziploc Bags Ready… for Reading

Most of us have some kind of iPad, smartphone, or tablet these days. But getting them wet is a huge no-no, and will invalidate most warranties. A Ziploc bag can help you have great entertainment in the bathtub, though. And with the use of a Bluetooth speaker, the sound won't be muffled.

9, Power Drills Are Not Just for DIY

If you've got some really stubborn dirt and grime, fit a scrubbing brush (circular of course) to your cordless power drill and get to work. Spinning at thousands of revolutions per minute, it takes most of the hard work out of it. Combined with a decent cleaning product, you're done in no time.

10. Add Some Essential Oil to Your Toilet Roll

The cardboard tube on the inside of the toilet roll is very absorbent. So, take advantage of this by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the inside. It will keep your bathroom/toilet smelling just the way you want.

11. Keep Bathroom Cleaner in Your Toilet Brush Pan

A "dry" toilet brush pan is not good. It actually collects all the nasty goop and water and can get moldy and smelly. Pour some cleaning product in there, be it watered-down bleach or diluted Comet, and you will always have a toilet brush that smells clean and is mostly germ-free. Of course, if you have young kids around, you may want to assess that.

12. Cat-Proof Your Toilet Roll

If you have a cat, he or she will love that dangling paper. It's just impossible for them not to mess with it. And when you go to use the bathroom, you will be greeted with a mess of shredded paper on the floor. So, when you're done in the bathroom, tuck the end of the paper inside the roll. Problem solved.

What are your favorite lavatory hacks?

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