12 Clever Coat Closet Hacks

Is your coat closet a complete mess? Mine was. Then I decided to do something about it. Here are a bunch of ideas that will help you whip your entry closet into shape.

1. Hooks Up

Do what we did! Take down the hanging bar and install hooks in your coat closet instead. Hooks are great for storing jackets, bags, hats, scarves, and pretty much anything you need. Better yet, you won't have a ton of hangers cluttering up the space. Put in two rows of hooks (upper and lower) so even your little kids can get in on the action.

2. Hanger Genius

Use an empty hanger to organize your scarves and other accessories. Simply slip some shower rings onto the hanger and thread your scarves through the loop. You can make one for each member of your family.

3. Storage Smarts

Enlist your door for even more storage. Grab a few metal mesh storage boxes (or filing trays) and screw them into the inside of your closet door. Toss all your mittens, gloves, hats, and scarves into the boxes and rejoice.

4. Over-Door Delight

Or don't bother with the tools and get one of those over-the-door shoe organizers instead. You can slip anything into the pockets, not just shoes. You might even want to label them to keep some additional order.

5. Dead Space

You may not be using your closet to its fullest potential. Slip some tension rods into the dead space behind your door. You might be able to get two new rows of coats into the closet that way.

6. Double Rods

Better yet, add another rod to your entire closet to maximize your storage. You'll probably first need to remove the original rod and hang it slightly higher. The second should fall around waist height, or high enough to keep your coats off the ground.

7. Total Transformation

Or try converting your coat closet to a mini mudroom. This specific tutorial involves some carpentry. You'll enlarge the space, frame it with pretty moulding, and build a cool bench and shelving for boxes. Pillows help decorate the area, but they aren't necessary.

8. Tiny Tweak

If you can't knock down a wall, try removing the closet door and using the space you already have. You can find freestanding benches and pre-made shelving units at your local big box store. Arrange them however they best fit your needs. Don't forget to comb antique shops for seating — you can find unique pieces that way.

9. Helpful Hideaway

If you do include a storage bench in your new closet, use it to hide your shoes. Our bench fits three of those standard cube boxes. We have one for each family member. Fill it with your shoes and rotate with the seasons.

10. Hefty Holder

Who says organization can't be pretty? Construct this simple scarf holder using a piece of wood, clothespins, and wood glue. Just adhere the pins to the base, hang, and you're done.

11. Door Buster

Replace rickety bi-fold doors with something more stylish. This tutorial shows you how to make French doors using two hollow core doors. Remove the bi-folds and their tracks. Then decorate your new doors however you want. Stick them on hinges and enjoy the functionality. Check stores like Habitat's ReStores for great deals on replacement doors.

12. Makeshift Move

Don't have a coat closet? I feel you, and I've been there. I love this bookcase mud closet project because it takes very little time to create. You just need to find a deep bookcase that fits in your entry. Then fill it with basket and add hooks. The rest is up to you.

What have you done to improve your entry closet?

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12 Clever Coat Closet Hacks

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