12 Frugal Skills You Must Have to Survive Mondays

Mondays are difficult for everyone. The beginning of a new workweek means you can't sleep in, you have to manage office politics again, and you need to deal with the stress of your day-to-day grind once again. However, we've come up with some frugal skills that can help you better survive Monday, that doesn't cost much or anything at all.

1. Become an Early Bird

It may seem crazy to wake up early on a Monday, but this can be the best way to get your day and week started on the right path. You'll feel more productive first thing in the morning, which can carry over into your workday. You can get your day started off right by taking some time to have coffee and catch up on the news, or have a relaxing stretch to wake up your body and mind. Get to bed early on Sunday night so that it's easier to wake up early on Monday and to ensure you don't go to work feeling drowsy.

2. Don't Skip Breakfast (or Coffee)

Breakfast is an important part of every day, but that's especially true on Mondays. Going to work hungry will only make the workday more difficult. Having a balanced breakfast can help boost your metabolism, energy, and productivity.

Coffee is another essential part of any Monday morning. It can make you more alert and productive, provide the much-needed energy you crave, and is just a fun way to enjoy the morning. On Mondays, consider dolling up your coffee a bit, with seasonal creamers, frothy milk, or a dollop of whipped cream.

3. Have a Plan, But Take It Easy

Fill in your calendar and to-do list over the weekend, so you can begin Monday with an organized mind. However, you don't want to add too much to your plate. Monday is already stressful enough, so take it easy on yourself and spread your tasks out throughout the week. If you feel stressed, move anything that you can from your Monday to-do list to your Tuesday to-do list. Make sure to also schedule any Monday meetings for after lunch, so you have some time to break into Monday.

4. Focus on the Positives

Over the weekend, focus on what's good about your job. This can put you in a positive frame of mind and will make you more grateful to return to work on Monday.

5. Embrace the Calming Power of Music

Listen to upbeat music that puts you in a good mood on your commute to work and/or while you get ready in the morning. It can boost your energy and put you in a positive frame of mind.

6. Wear What Makes You Happy

Consider wearing your favorite outfit or taking a few extra minutes on your morning skin care or hair routine so you feel more confident throughout the day. If you have a new outfit or accessory, wear it on Monday. If you don't have a new outfit to show off, consider breaking out your new pen or upgrading your office supplies on Monday.

7. Make Monday Your Splurge Day

If you've been good and eat at home for most meals, then you deserve a splurge day. Make Mondays your splurge days so you have something to look forward to. Whether that means going to favorite coffee shop for a latte and pastry or going out with friends for a once-a-week lunch outing, it can make your Monday more bearable (and maybe even fun).

If you're trying to stay healthy and watch what you eat, then Mondays can be your splurge days, where you can have an indulgent dessert or treat yourself to fast food. Knowing that your splurge day is approaching on Monday can also help keep you on track over the weekend, and limit your overall restaurant spending if you keep it to one day per week.

8. Plan Fun Activities

One of the best things to do when tackling stressful situations like interviews, auditions, speeches, and stressful Monday mornings, is to plan something fun for that evening. It gives you incentive to get through the day and will keep you in a positive frame of mind. Knowing that you have something fun coming up can even make the day go by more quickly. Whether you plan a date night, meet with coworkers for happy hour, or simply plan a quiet and frugal home spa night (complete with a bath, facial mask, and calming music), make plans that you can look forward to throughout the day. If you consistently do this every week, you will actually look forward to Mondays before you know it.

9. Avoid Office Politics

Poisonous coworkers can make a stressful Monday morning even worse. Try avoiding office politics and any coworkers that might make your day more difficult. Politely let any coworkers know that you're very busy if they come around your workspace.

If your boss tends to make Mondays even more stressful, stay calm and try not to let any negativity affect your attitude or productivity. Get your work done to the best of your abilities so that your boss has less incentive to visit your desk. You may even consider getting into the office five minutes earlier, so that you can get your coffee and settle in before the boss even gets there.

10. Take Your Breaks

Taking your daily breaks is especially important on a Monday, which can already be more stressful than the average workday. If you're having a particularly difficult Monday, consider getting some fresh air, or taking deep breaths during your daily break. You might even want to schedule a walk with a coworker during your lunch break to boost your mood and energy.

11. Don't Slack On Friday

If you leave most of your work for Monday morning, make a bigger effort to get more done on Friday. That way, you won't have as much to deal with when you return to the office on Monday. This can also make your weekend more relaxing because you won't have so much work hanging over your head.

12. Take Advantage of the Weekend

The weekend is usually reserved for having fun and getting things done, but it's also important to focus on relaxing and refreshing yourself for the upcoming week. Unplug for the weekend. Don't check your email or voicemail unless you need to, especially if you won't respond until Monday anyway.

By getting enough sleep, exercising, and setting some time aside for yourself, you can enter the workweek more rested and ready to tackle the work at hand. Take a bath, take a nap, ask your spouse for a massage, and get in a good amount of exercise over the weekend; your body will thank you for it on Monday.

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