12 Genius Storage Solutions for Your Garage

One of my favorite features of my new home is an oversized double attached garage. I'm in storage heaven in there, but I know I could be using the space better to accommodate all my different needs. (See also: 15 Genius Kitchen Storage Ideas)

Below you'll find a number of ideas — from broad to specific — that will help you use your garage space better. Feel free to share your own solutions in the comments.

1. Pipe Rack

A few small pieces of PVC pipe can go a long way toward making smart tool storage that will hold up for years to come. The author of this project cut angled pieces of PVC from scraps she had around the house. You can also head to the hardware store and ask an associate to make six inch cuts for you. Then mount and label.

2. Gutter Genius

I've seen a lot of gutter shelf projects for the home, but what's more perfect than making storage shelves for your garage? Go to your hardware store and pick out gutters and end caps in whatever size makes sense for your purpose. Then hang them and fill with paint, caulk, sprays, seeds, whatever.

3. Container Corral

Our attic is full of blown-in insulation, so we don't use it for storage. Instead, we have several rows of basic shelving where we've arranged our plastic containers up and off the ground. For better organization, label your bins in big, bold letters. I suggest using clear tubs for the most transparency.

4. Mudroom Magic

If you're low on closet space indoors, turn your garage into a beautiful mudroom with just a few tricks. You'll want some hooks for coats and other apparel. A few hanging baskets to keep umbrellas, bags, and mail in check. The rest is up to you!

5. Peg Rails

This peg-rail organizer is as functional as it is beautiful. You'll hang wooden beams along your wall and then drill holes for your pegs. If you don't have tools or time to do this project yourself, consider buying several long hook or peg rails and arranging them in a couple long rows for the same impact.

6. Toy Tamer

There are a lot of different ways you can approach toy cleanup in your garage. I love these educational ideas that put some responsibility in your child's hands. For example, tall laundry baskets for sport balls; stackable shelving for bubbles, helmets, and pool toys; and brightly taped off areas for bikes and scooters. The key is keeping everything clearly labeled and encouraging your kids to put their stuff away.

7. Hook Hideaway

The minute we moved in, my husband went out and bought a set of inexpensive Gladiator Hooks at the hardware store. There are a number of different ways you can use them, but he arranged them on the studs to get bikes, skis, sleds, folding chairs, and other outdoor items off the floor.

8. Pegboard Pal

One of the best things you can get for your garage (or basement) is a pegboard. After you figure out how high you want to hang your board, you'll make the spot and then drill into the studs using wood screws. Don't forget to level! Then buy some hooks and go crazy.

9. Screw Central

Our garage also serves as our tool storage area. We had inherited an old tool bench at our last house where the original owner had organized his screws by placing them in small jars. The cool part? All the tops of the jars were glued (or screwed) to the bottom of a shelf for easy keeping. It's a simple project with big impact.

10. Bungee Corner

Stash all your soccer balls, basket balls, and kick balls in one space using bungee cords. The cost of this project was a mere $2. You'll need a wooden frame for the top and bottom of your zone. Then four or five bungee cords stretched between the posts will hold things tightly together.

11. Shoe Win

Those plastic shoe organizers work in almost every room, and the garage is no exception. Use it to hold spray paint, golf balls, tools, cleaners, and anything else you have in chaos. You don't even need to hang it over a door. Just nail or screw hooks into the wall or use rope to tie it onto a shelving system.

12. Bike Shelf

I love this simple DIY bike shelf. Cut notches in a fruit crate to accommodate the top tube of your bike. Mount on your wall. You can use the top shelf to store your helmet or any other gear. (And though this storage device would work great in your garage, it would also be perfect for apartment storage!)

What's your favorite genius garage storage idea?

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12 Genius Storage Solutions for Your Garage

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