12 Gift Ideas for Crafters

Got someone on your list who loves to make her own jewelry, sew his own clothes, and is a minor celebrity on Pinterest? Here are some ideas that'll to help you cross your friend off your holiday shopping list. (See also: 10 Gifts You Can Make With Paper)

1. Decorative Tape

Decorative tape is an essential item in any crafter's arsenal and they can't get enough of it. A popular type is Washi tape, which comes in gorgeous designs. (See also: 20+ Useful Gifts)

2. Metal Stamps

Customize jewelry with initials and designs with metal stamps. Pick up this highly rated how-to guide to making custom jewelry.

3. Screen Printing Kit

Create your own shirts and other accessories with screen printing. Simple and easy to get started today!

4. Rotary Cutter

Easier to handle than scissors, a rotary cutter makes cutting a variety of fabrics simple. (See also: Easy Homemade Curtains)

5. Glue Gun

Glue guns can glue material such as wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, fabric, and more. A must have for any crafter. A glue gun helpers kit will be a useful addition as well.

6. Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart, the queen of crafters, will inspire and bring out the creative juices. Get a Martha Stewart Living Magazine subscription or her Encyclopedia of Crafts.

7. Fusing Kit

For those who love to make their own jewelry, this fusing kit allows you to create stunning pendants, earrings, and bracelets in your microwave!

8. Embroidery Machine

An embroidery machine will allow you to add fun, colorful designs on your creations. This Brother Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine includes a built-in embroidery design library of 70 designs, or upload your own.

9. Sewing Machine

If your friend doesn't already have a sewing machine, this Brother CS6000i is the machine to get, according to over 2000 reviews on Amazon. (See also: Top 5 Sewing Machines)

10. Die Cut Machine

Die cut machines cuts various types of material, such as paper, cardstock, and fabric, to specific specs and designs. The three most popular machines are the Silhouette Cameo, Cricut Expression, and the Sizzix Big Shot. You can also pick up replacement blades, cartridges, and other accessories if your friend already has one of these.

11. Thermal Laminator

Thermal Laminators allow you to create reusable items like calendars and signs, protect projects like posters, collages, and a host of arts and crafts projects.

12. 3D Printer

A 3D printer will allow any crafter to create a variety of customized items. It's also a versatile device that can help anybody save money.

What's on your crafter's wish list this year?

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