12 Surprising Things You Can Have Delivered


Humans are creatures of habit. We're also creatures of convenience, if only evidenced by the growing number of things we can have delivered right to our doors these days. Sure, Amazon helped usher in a new age of get-anything-quick, but more and more retailers are starting to provide privatized delivery services for everything from ski equipment to new cars.

What can you get your hands on in flash? Take a look at these 12 items you can have delivered today that you couldn't just a few years ago. (See also: 21 Fresh Food Delivery Services That Can Save You Big)

1. Ski Equipment

Winter weather threatening your holiday vacay? Make the most of the snow by having ski equipment delivered to your hotel or wherever you're staying close to 35 ski resorts in North America. Ski Butlers' service includes a personalized fitting by a technician, free pickup on equipment on the final rental day, and any required on-mountain adjustments. The service helps skiers and boarders avoid long lines at the ski shop plus save on shipping from the original location to the destination — not to mention the hassle of finding ski shaped boxes.

2. Printer Ink

Save yourself a trip to your local office-supply store by having ink delivered when you're running low. That's right — HP Instant Ink allows your printer to order cartridges when you're running low, so you don't even have to remember to do it yourself! Plans start at $2.99 per month with savings of up to 50% on the actual cartridges.

3. Kiteboarding Equipment

If you're an extreme-sports enthusiast, you'll be happy to know that you can rent and have delivered kiteboarding kites anywhere in the United States from Demo a Kite. The service offers a wide range of kits, allowing users to try out different brands, with the option to choose how much time you'd like to rent the kites. When the rental period is over, ship it back for free in the box provided.

4. Your Favorite Chain Restaurant Foods

Pizza delivery has been around for, like, ever (okay, since the early 1960s when Domino's made it popular), but until recently we haven't been able to get our other favorite fast and chain-restaurants foods delivered. That's all starting to change with services like DoorDash, a third-party service that delivers food from your favorite restaurants, like California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, and (for hangover Saturdays) McDonald's. The service promises that your order will arrive in 45 minutes or less, though its availability is severely limited and growth has experienced a few road bumps. Similar services include Postmates and Instacart, which also will deliver items from other local retailers and grocery stores — not just restaurants.

5. A New Car

Want to avoid that sleazy car salesman in his polyester suit? In that case, you may want to check out NowCar.com, a site that allows users to buy a new car online and have it delivered to their homes for free.

"We officially launched in Sept. 2015, so we are a relatively new service," says Chloe Lykes, NowCar.com's content manager. "NowCar allows a user to complete the entire car shopping, comparing and buying (finance, lease, or cash sales) process of a new car online. And, once completed, the car is delivered to their home, for free. Since buying a car has many facets, much of NowCar's software development stems from a combination of algorithms that make all types of various scenarios possible."

6. Alcohol

When wild-and-wacky blizzards blow through — and your backup of reserve booze is compromised (which means it probably time to panic!) — Drizly will come to the rescue. Delivered to your door within an hour (that's the goal, but maybe cut 'em some slack if there's a snow squall outside your door), this service will bring over your favorite wine, beer, or liquor — with no markups — in a growing number of cities that currently include Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Baltimore, NYC, St. Louis, D.C., L.A., and several others.

7. Condoms

Safe sex is the best sex, period. If you have an enviable bedroom life and, thus, generally need to keep your condom stash replenished, Rubber Club, a monthly subscription service that sends your favorite brand of condoms straight to you, might be up your alley. Or, ya know, if things are getting hot and heavy with your lover boy or girl at home (in San Francisco or Brooklyn; sorry rest of the world) and you realize you're fresh out, hop online and order a 12-pack for one-hour delivery from L. condoms. Just... no high-fiving the delivery guy.

8. Chicken Eggs... That Will Hatch!

When I was researching this piece for some of the strange things you can have delivered, this came up — and it's legit. Not only can you order chicken eggs that you can incubate to the point of hatching, but you can raise an entire farm full of fowl with other available eggs that will eventually produce ducklings, goslings, pheasants, turkeys, quail, and more.

9. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

If you're like me and you drop off your dry cleaning and tend to forget it for weeks, services like Washio, which offers premium dry cleaning and laundry delivery, could be a godsend. The wash-and-fold component seems pretty competitive from what I've seen — $1.99 per pound — but some of the dry cleaning rates, like $4.99 for a T-shirt and $5.99 for a sweater, are a bit questionable. Though they do balance out with more reasonable rates for other items, including $8.99 jackets and $11.99 two-piece suits. The service will pick up your garments and bring them pack for an additional delivery fee in cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, and a few others.

10. Massages

When you're too achy to move, order a masseur from Soothe that will bring everything you need to relax and detox with a legit rubdown right to your home. Soothe helps pair five-star therapists — every available masseur is licensed, background-checked, and thoroughly vetted — with weekend warriors and serenity seekers seven days a week from 9 a.m. to midnight, including holidays. You can have your masseur in one hour or schedule in advance, and no cash is exchanged as gratuity is built into the online fee when you book.

11. Women's Hygiene Products

Listen, I'm not a lady, and I'm not faced with lady issues often (luckily I'm married to a dude), so I'm just going to say that if going to the supermarket to buy women's hygiene products (I hope that's what I'm allowed to call them) makes you uncomfortable, there's a service that makes the whole process quick, easy, and discreet. Plus, you'll help someone else at the same time.

"Each box [of feminine products] is customizable, and for every box she receives a box goes to a woman in need," says Aunt Flow founder Claire Coder. "The buy-one-give-one model for basic sanitary products is changing lives."

12. Puppies!

Out all the cool and strange things you can have delivered these days, nothing beats a puppy! For a "puppy playtime" fee of $30, Uber has tested the waters of doggy delivery — that is, bringing cute-and-cuddly pups (and their handlers) to those who need a pick-me-up. It recently launched the limited-time promotion with Discovery Communications across several cities, including New York and Chicago.

The puppies that were part of the promo also were available for adoption. Keep an eye out for these kind of exciting opportunities more often from ride-sharing services, which have been taking advantage of cool opportunities with other brand partners, like the meme site Cheezburger and retaile UglyChristmasSweater.com, the latter of which offered free sweaters via Uber delivered this past holiday season.

Anything else you can now have delivered? Let us know in the comments!

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This was a great article.. Only, why didn't you put links for all the delivery services? I'm actually interested in learning more about one (the dreaded #11), but the sites I ended up with through my google search definitely weren't the one you mentioned in the article.