12 Ways to Stay Grounded Even When Super Busy

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If you find that you're still clutching your phone at the end of the day checking for emails and texts, then it's time to take a deep breath and get grounded. When you're overly preoccupied with work or social networking, you are more apt to miss out on what really matters: friends, family, and taking care of yourself. Here are a few simple ways to stay grounded even when you have a stacked schedule.

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Walk to Work

Head outdoors and spend time with nature. Walk to work or park a little farther than usual and enjoy a brisk stroll. Even if you're walking on a busy city street, being outdoors helps keep you grounded. Listen to the sounds around you, smile at strangers, and take a few deep, cleansing breaths.

Observe Your Thoughts

Spend a few moments sitting quietly with your eyes closed, and observe your thoughts. Focus on what you're thinking about, and remind yourself that it's OK to take a few minutes for yourself. Staying in tune with yourself keeps you on top of negative emotions and stress.

Eat Healthy

Picking up meals on the run seems like the best way to sneak in a bite to eat during a busy day, but fast food doesn't do your body good. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables keeps you connected to the Earth and nature and in tip-top shape mentally and physically.

Enjoy a Long Foot Soak

At the end of a busy day, put down your phone and soak your feet in a hot bath. A few moments of silent relaxation will help you stay in touch with yourself.

Home Garden

Pick up a few small plants and start a home garden. Tending to plants, getting your hands dirty, and spending time with nature help keep the body and mind grounded even during busy times. And plants create clean air, making a small plant perfect for the office.

Stick With Routines

Stay on course with basic routines to cut back on stress. If what makes your morning perfect is having a quick cup of coffee at your favorite cafe before heading to the office, then make the time to stick with it by waking up earlier, ensuring the rest of the day goes as planned. Allotting time in your busy schedule for personal indulgences is just the thing for taming busy days.

Keep Your Space Clean

Messes clutter the home and mind, so having clean spaces is essential for staying grounded and on task. Toss the trash for a clean work and living space.


Make the time to help others by volunteering. Even if it's only once a year at your local soup kitchen, spending time helping others reminds you of your blessings while making personal connections with those around you.

Explore a Hobby

Put down your phone and pick up a hobby. Start knitting, try your hand at watercolor painting, or get your girlfriends on board for a magazine article club. Spending time exploring a hobby gives your busy brain something else to think about and hones new skills.

Spend Time by Yourself

Enjoy a bit of "me" time, and tune out. Chose not to get caught up in all the drama, giving you the opportunity to slow down. You'll be surprised at how much you observe around you when you're not caught up in social networking.

Say No

When you're tapped, learn how to say no, creating the time to focus on what's important. Gracefully turning down invitations to special events, gatherings, or groups opens up time for focusing on yourself.

Be Gracious

Make a list of all the things you are grateful for, and tuck it in your pocketbook to remind you what you find important in life. Take the time to be gracious, making eye contact when talking with others, thanking people with kind words, and giving genuine compliments.

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12 Ways to Stay Grounded Even When Super Busy

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Getting outside is THE best way to stay grounded and aware that there's a world outside of technology and our jobs. We're all way too wrapped up in our work and online lives that its becoming rare to actually go out and interact with nature and with other people. Good list!

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Great list! I think we get so caught up with our gadgets that we forget there are real people on the other side of them who we are trying to connect with. As a result, we get caught up in our online lives and forget to nurture ourself and the people in them.

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I work at home but I spend time outside my home when I exercise. Running and biking bring me closer to nature. I also have a few pots of herbs, tomatoes, eggplant, and bell pepper on my small yard. My little garden does not only help relieve my stress but it also gives us healthy meals. Moreover, we also save a few dollars by picking fruits and herbs from my garden.