13 DIY Clothing Projects for Men

We've already covered 20 Simple and Stylish Clothing Projects for Women and Cute and Frugal Clothing You Can Make for Kids. Though men's clothing projects are much harder to find online, they're well worth seeking out. Any time you can bring new life to the duds you already own, you're saving money.

So check out these 13 cool projects for DIY men's clothing and accessories and feel free to add your own in the comments!

1. (Re)Dyed Jeans

Have a pair of faded denim jeans? This smart tutorial will show you how to refresh them for just $3. Grab a box of RIT dye at your local grocery or drugstore. You can go with traditional navy or blue, but there are a wide variety of colors from which to choose.

2. Cutoffs

If you have a comfy old pair of jeans, turn them into cool cutoffs with this simple tutorial. It's really as easy as cutting the jeans and cuffing them. The author also uses a standard razor to create a naturally distressed look.

3. Pocket T-Shirt

A printout pattern and piece of your favorite fabric jazzes up a plain t-shirt with a new, useful pocket. There's a bit of basic sewing involved, but it's nothing a novice can't handle.

4. Skinny Tie

Need a unique tie for a special occasion? Skip the store and try making your own. You'll need a vintage tie to act as your pattern, but once you get going — you'll want one in every color.

5. Bow Tie

That's right, you can also create your own stylish bow tie for special events or, well, just because. This tutorial requires some basic sewing, but you can use whatever fabric matches your theme. And making the bow tie might be easier than tying one!

6. Leather Belt

Create a custom DIY Leather Belt that will last you years and years. Find an old belt to serve as your pattern, as well as a long strip of leather, some hardware, and a few leather-working tools. You can dye it whatever color you like and then condition using olive oil.

7. Tank

All you need is an old t-shirt, a sharp pair of scissors, and a marker to make this casual Tank Top. This piece would be great to wear to the beach or at the gym for lifting weights. Plus, it's a good way to reuse an old shirt that might have pit stains!

8. Screen Print

This specific tutorial features a women's shirt, but the same basic screen printing process applies for men's (and kid's) shirts as well. Choose a design you wish to print and draw it onto freezer paper. Iron it onto your shirt on a flat surface. Then paint over the design using fabric paint and remove the freezer paper to let set.

9. Elbow Patches

Again, this DIY Elbow Patch Sweater tutorial features a women's shirt, but it's just as stylish for men. Plus, you can buy leather or fabric elbow patches if you want to skip the stitching for less than $10. Otherwise, you need an old sweater, iron-on adhesive fabric, and an iron.

10. Button Up Shirt

This manly sewing project creates a button-up shirt for a fraction of what it would cost at the store. You can use whatever fabric you might have on hand or choose something specific, but you'll need two yards in all. The pattern is free after you sign up for the blog's email list.

11. Card Holder

These awesome leather card holders come together quickly and require minimal stitching. You can also play with the pattern a bit to get the look you want. A great place to find leather in all textures and colors is on Etsy.

12. Paracord Bracelet

I see these Paracord Bracelets everywhere, and I never thought to make my own. Though the images might look tricky, you can click them for a closer view. It's a lot of figure eight weaving, but after a while, you should get the hang.

13. Hoodie

This DIY Hoodie Project surely requires some sewing skills. However, it doesn't look out of the realm of possibility. And the pattern is loose. You can use an old t-shirt — just make sure to leave a seam allowance.

Alright you manly DIYers: what projects are you getting into?

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13 DIY Clothing Projects for Men

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