13 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pets


Don’t leave your favorite furry friend out of the Halloween fun this year! You can make a cute costume for your pet in just minutes. Most of these comfortable getups work for either dogs or cats, so gather your crafting supplies and check out these 13 spook-tacular tutorials.

1. Piñata

My heart skipped a beat when I found this DIY piñata costume. You'll need a dog sweater, crepe paper, hot glue, and some time. Just cut the paper into fringe and glue it to the sweater. Throw in a pet-sized sombrero to finish the look.

2. Beanie Baby

Strapped for time? You can whip up this Beanie Baby costume in a few minutes. Grab a piece of white card stock, a pencil, a red marker, and a hole punch. Draw a heart on your piece of paper, cut it out, and then lightly outline the TY logo with pencil. Color the tag red, punch a hole, and attach to your four-legged friend.

3. Ballerina

Give your pooch the night of her dreams with this whimsical ballerina tutu costume. You’ll need a wide elastic band, tulle, and piece of cardboard. Once you’ve looped the elastic, just wrap the tulle around your cardboard form, cut, and then tie to the band. Poof it out and slip it onto your pet.

4. Angel

A little paper and glue can go a long way. Dress your cat in this divine DIY angel costume. Twist together some white pipe cleaners to make a halo. Then cut wings out of paper and use elastic to wrap them around your cat. Done!

5. Elsa From Frozen

You don’t need kids to jump in on the Frozen trend. Doll up your pup in this Elsa snow queen costume — complete with a wig. Use blue tulle to fashion a flowing skirt made for a princess. And the wig is just white yarn hot glued onto some felt.

6. Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love a cuddly stuffed animal? Turn your pet into a Teddy bear with this nifty tutorial. Find an old stuffed bear, cut its face out, and cut open the back of the toy. Leave stuffing in the arms. Then attach using some Velcro or string.

7. Lion

Maybe your pet wants to feel like the king of the jungle. Try this lion costume on for size. It’s especially perfect for larger dogs and requires a bit of sewing knowledge. You’ll start by measuring your pet’s head and neck so you can sew a simple base layer. After that, you’ll pin fur to the base and then sew it into place. Don’t forget the ears!

8. Candy Corn

This crochet candy corn sweater will look cool and keep your kitty warm. You’ll need orange, yellow, and white yarn. The project is completed in just 16 rows of various stitches. Definitely a great project for beginners looking to learn a new craft.

9. Bat

Martha Stewart’s team came up with this bat wing harness costume, and it’s a winner. You’ll print out a wing template, cut the shape from three pieces of felt, and then stitch them together. Then cut a small rectangle of felt to secure to your pet’s harness. (See also: The 7 Best Pieces of Homemaking Advice From Martha Stewart)

10. Spider

Here’s a DIY spider costume that's creepy and crawly. The best part? Your pet won’t mind wearing it. All you need are pipe cleaners and a dog (or cat) collar. Twist pipe cleaners until you get a nice, thick leg that’s around 15 inches long. Then tie the legs to the collar, four on each side. Use the giant pipe cleaners for more drama.

11. Construction Worker

If you have an hour, you have enough time to make this construction worker costume for your animal. Take two squares of orange felt and cover it with a strip of metallic silver duct tape and yellow felt. Cut a small hole into this new vest and loop elastic through for a custom fit. Finish off with a foam construction hat.

12. Painted Pet

Do you have, like, zero crafting skills? Check out pet paint, a veterinarian-approved pigment spray that washes off your pet with mild shampoo. You can safely spray a costume — like this tiger dog — in no time at all. You can even get pet stencils to make the process easier. Rinse and repeat for another event.

13. Ghost

Or go with this classic ghost costume. It’s so easy, a kid could make it. You’ll need a small white sheet or piece of fabric. (It looks like the author may have used a white t-shirt.) Cut holes large enough for your pet’s eyes and snout. Slip it on and spook your friends.

Are your pets dressing up for Halloween? Share their costumes in the comments!

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