14 Festive and Easy DIY Holiday Decorations

Want to jazz up your place for the winter season ahead? Making your home feel festive is as easy as grabbing a glue gun. Here are a bunch of simple and inexpensive projects that will warm your heart throughout the holiday season and beyond. (Related: 7 Frugal Fall Decorating Tips)

1. Thankful Pumpkins

These thankful pumpkins give everyone in the family a chance to showcase what they're thankful for this year. Coat the pumpkin in a light paint color and then use a Sharpie marker to write anything you wish. They'd make a wonderful centerpiece at your Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Photo Board

With this thankful board, everyone will know whom you love and cherish this season. You'll need a 1" by 8" pine board to sand and stain. Then, use the free template to print out the word "thankful" on card stock. Stick the letters to the board with bronze nail heads and use super glue to attach a few clips to hold the photos. If you change up the lettering, this project would also make a cool holiday card holder.

3. Dollar Centerpieces

If you're hosting the big dinner this year, try wowing your guests with a Dollar Store tablescape. The author found orange candles, fake pumpkins (that she painted), and poster board for placemats. Accent everything with pine cones and other free nature finds from your backyard.

4. Thrifty Finds

Take a stroll around your local thrift shops to see what holiday decorations are on the shelves. I recently found a deal on a ceramic holiday village — 10 houses for $5! I've seen anything from limited edition snow globes to porcelain ornaments to vintage tree toppers. Most everything is gently used and offered at a fraction of its original price.

5. Moving Makeover

If you do come across something you like, remember that you can personalize it with paint. That holiday village I bought? I'd love to give it this chic makeover using some ivory shades. Make sure your village is clean, then spritz the paint just enough to get a light coating. Do some detail work with watered down acrylics before letting everything dry.

6. Tricky Sticks

Make gigantic snowflakes to adorn on your walls with popsicle sticks. Grab a big pack of sticks, then attach them together in different patterns using a hot glue gun. Let set a while before hanging. You can also give them a coat of colorful or sparkly spray paint for extra flair.

7. Sweater Trees

Make a set of cozy sweater Christmas trees. You'll cut out a sturdy tree template from an empty cardboard box. Then, cut a few pieces of knit fabric out of old sweaters and hot glue them around the tree. Slap a square of burlap on the trunk and you're done!

8. Pinecone Garland

Bring the outdoors in with this pinecone garland. Collect pinecones of all assorted shapes and sizes. You can paint them different colors or add accent flower, berries, and other items. Just hot glue everything to a piece of twine. You can even use some fine wire for extra support.

9. Woodland Sign

Get a little rustic charm going with this woodland sign. Attach a few boards together (or use a single piece of wood) and then stain and distress. Then use a stencil to paint on whatever saying you like. You may also try free-handing, if you're talented like that. Seal your board and hang with jute.

10. Sparkle Branches

Bring some bling to your living room with these sparkle branches. Scour your backyard for the best woody specimens. Once you've found them, spray with paint and then adhesive. Sprinkle glitter onto the branch and admire your crafting powers.

11. Snowball Garland

All you need is fishing line and cotton balls to make this classy snowball garland. Hot glue the cotton balls to the line and then use it for whatever you think needs some winter spirit. I love the idea to use the garland as a festive backdrop for photos.

12. Sweet Aroma

Not into decorating? You can make your house smell like the holidays with these amazing simmering potpourri recipes. My favorite combines cinnamon sticks, cloves, and allspice. Fill a pot with water and simmer the ingredients on low all day long.

13. Frosty Candles

Leave it to Martha Stewart to show us how to make these gorgeous salted pillar candles. Fill a rimmed tray with epsom salts. Coat the outside of your candle with some Mod Podge, and then roll in the salts. Let dry before lighting.

14. Spiffy Lights

Want to keep your Christmas lights up all year? Try spray painting them to spiff them up. Simply take the bulbs out of the sockets, coat the cord in gold spray paint, and let everything dry before you plug it back in. While you're at it, use the rest of your can of gold paint to make matching accents that will last the whole season.

What are your clever holiday decoration tricks?

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