15 Cheap and Delicious Punch Recipes for Holiday Parties


It's almost time to get started on the holiday festivities! Not only are these delicious drinks crowd-pleasers, but the majority of them require very easy-to-acquire and affordable ingredients. Check out these 15 super-tasty and cheap punch recipes for every winter occasion.

Non-Alcoholic Punches

While these mixes lack a boozy punch, they still deliver welcome holiday flavors.

1. Ginger Hibiscus Tea

This delicious ginger hibiscus tea is perfect for daytime parties (winter brunch, anyone?). It may be too early for booze, but a slight caffeine boost is always welcome.

2. Sparkling Ginger Apple Cider Punch

A sparkling ginger apple cider punch is perfect for multi-generational gatherings like Thanksgiving. Kids will love this as-is, and adults can spike their own cups to make a really great drink.

3. Slow-Cooker Peppermint Hot Cocoa

Who doesn't love a hot cocoa during the holidays? This slow-cooker version makes for simple set-up and serving. You probably already have most of the ingredients!

4. Low-Cal Eggnog

Eggnog is delicious, but admittedly, it's not the healthiest drink. This low-calorie version cuts down on the cholesterol but not the taste.

5. Sparkling Apple Tea

This delicious tea-infused punch brings the apple flavor to the forefront and would be a great transition drink after all the Christmas morning cocoa and coffee.

Boozy Punches

Alright, for the adults in the room: punches that do feature a dose of winter cheer.

6. Sparkling Bourbon Pear Cider

Everyone likes this mildly sweet and wintery bourbon pear cider. Pour your bourbon as light or heavy as you'd like.

7. Mulled Wine

Mulled wine will not only make any wine-lover happy, but its wonderful Christmas-y smell will linger throughout the home. Use the cheaper wines at Trader Joe's ($5 or under) for this.

8. Blood Orange Punch

Blood oranges are coming into season, so get ready to find bags of them at reasonable prices. This tart, refreshing blood orange punch will make you wish they were available year-round.

9. Tequila Horchata Punch

This Southwestern punch is perfect for folks who love the sweet, velvety taste and texture of horchata and the smoothness of good Tequila. Surprise your guests with this one.

10. Christmas Sangria

Classic sangria is great year-round, but this one adds a few cheap ingredients for a more Christmas-y flavor. Remember to use your less expensive Spanish red blends.

11. Poor Girl's Champagne Punch

Want a sparkly, fun punch that impresses a crowd enough for them to ask what's in it? This punch featuring cheap beer and frozen raspberries comes together deliciously.

12. Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

This playful and flavorful pomegranate punch uses both still and sparkling wine, and winter favorite fruit, pomegranates. Head to a local bodega for your pomegranates instead of the big chains who will charge you more for the convenience.

13. Virgin Island Punch

Can't "winter" in the Caribbean this season? Fake it with this sweet and simple punch using a very cheap ingredient; aloe juice. Sub in more affordable frozen berries if you are not in an area with fresh available.

14. Cranberry Christmas Punch

This cranberry and pomegranate punch is full of lip-smackingly tart holiday flavor. It's also very easy to mix — make the simple syrup at home in a few minutes.

15. Charles Dickens Punch

What's more Christmas-y than a punch named for the author we talk about most during the holidays? The simple to mix ingredients are set on fire before serving!

What's your favorite holiday punch recipe? Share a ladleful in comments?

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