15 Delicious Foods to Try in Your Waffle Maker

When we bought our waffle maker several years ago, we pulled it out only for the occasional Sunday morning brunch. But over time, a new breed of waffle cooking has developed in the culinary world. People are now using their makers to crisp up anything from pizzas to cakes to brownies. What will you make in your waffle iron?

1. Frittaffle!

Get ready for the "frittaffle." As the name implies, this monster is a frittata waffle filled with all sorts of real food goodness. You actually prepare and bake the frittata first, then cut out individual portions to press inside your waffle maker.

2. Falafel Waffle

Say it with me: falafel waffle. Wow, that was fun. Combine cooked chickpeas with a blend of spices, parsley, onion, garlic, and a little flour. You can top this monster with hummus syrup (recipe is on the site) or even just spread some plain tahini.

3. Pizza

Make your favorite pizza dough, then toss it into your waffle maker to cook. When you're done, top with a thin layer of sauce, cheese, and other toppings, and broil in your oven until bubbly. That's waffle pizza. (Alternatively, you can sprinkle with cheese, broil, and then dunk into your favorite tomato sauce.)

4. Cake

Mix together your favorite boxed cake blend and bake a cake it in your waffle maker. This dessert give such instant gratification, you might just need to watch yourself. Or go ahead and eat it for breakfast — I won't tell!

5. Ice Cream Sandwiches

Take this idea a step beyond and use your waffles as a base for these waffle ice cream sandwiches. Fill waffles with your favorite ice cream before slicing into individual portions. Top with an irresistible berry compote. Eat immediately.

6. Brownies

Or use brownie mix in your waffle maker — it bakes in just five minutes. After your iron is preheated, add two tablespoons to a quarter cup of batter. Then top with ice cream or whatever else sounds good.

7. Cookies

These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are sort of like the Italian pizzelles, only bigger and much better. Simply mix together your ingredients, scoop into your greased waffle maker, and wait around three minutes for them to bake.

8. Grilled Cheese

If you love grilled cheese as much as I do, prepare to be amazed. This waffle iron grilled cheese recipe is so simple, yet way more satisfying than standard fare. Butter one side each of two bread slices, arrange the first on the grill and top with cheese. Top with the second and cook. The result is oozy and gooey, yet with some crispy nooks and crannies.

9. Quesadilla

Here's another breakfast just begging to be tried: waffle quesadillas! Cook up some scrambled eggs, then assemble them — along with cheese and other toppings — onto a flour tortilla. Cook in your waffle maker until crispy.

10. Mashed Potatoes

These mashed potato waffles equal game day food at its finest. You'll make a delicious potato mix, then add a bit of flour before cooking in the waffle maker. Top with some cheese and broil for the ultimate finish.

11. Tofu

Frying tofu takes a while, right? So, try "waffling" tofu in your waffle maker! You'll want to start by draining tofu using paper towels. Then coat uncooked tofu in a light sesame-miso dressing before placing on the iron and closing the top to cook for around three minutes. Don't forget to spritz your machine with cooking oil.

12. Biscuits

I developed my own favorite waffle biscuit recipe recently. I enjoy the resulting biscuit as a side with dinner — it goes wonderfully with soups and stews. I also love it as a base for a gravy and egg-topped brunch dish and even a melt-in-your-mouth pizza recipe.

13. Calzones

Leave it to Rachael Ray to create the "Wa-Zone," a waffle calzone you probably never imagined until this very moment. The method is the same you'd follow for making a traditional calzone, but then you put it in your waffle maker. Just don't shut the top too tight.

14. Mac and Cheese

One of the best comfort meals is macaroni and cheese, and the geniuses at Serious Eats have made waffle mac and cheese. Not only that, they've attempted this dish in two different ways. I definitely prefer the mac and cheese sandwich, which is basically a grilled cheese with macaroni as the bread run through the waffle maker.

15. Hash Browns

I've come across many recipes for waffled hash browns, but this one wins for its ease and simplicity. Thaw a bag of frozen tater tots and place them on your (well oiled) waffle maker. Press and cook until golden brown and serve with ketchup.

What's your favorite food to make in a waffle iron?

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People are now using their waffle makers to crisp up anything from pizzas to cakes to brownies. Check out these 15 delicious recipes for your waffle maker! | #waffles #wafflemaker #kitchenhacks

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