15 Delicious Homemade Treats Your Valentine Will Love

Not everyone loves Valentine's Day, but everyone (in their right mind) loves sweets. If you're not sure what to get your significant other, or you just want to show your family and friends that you care, try making one of these far-better-than-average homemade treats. They'll turn anyone into a Valentine's fan!

1. Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownies

These bright red, festive brownies are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. They're a more decadent version of red velvet cake, with a cream cheese filling marbled throughout. Plus, they look impressive without a high level of difficulty.

2. Chocolate-Dipped Vanilla Caramels

Do you want to make a sophisticated candy that is sure to impress? Wrap up these chocolate-dipped homemade caramels in a pretty tin, and they are sure to put a smile on your loved one's face. Leave off the chocolate for non-chocoholics.

3. Cherry Cordials

A classic date gift, making cherry cordials yourself will beat out the store bought variety by leaps and bounds. Luckily they couldn't be easier and only require three ingredients — just be sure to start early, since the cherries need to soak for a few hours.

4. Homemade Conversation Hearts

It's probably never occurred to you that you can make your own homemade conversation hearts, but this version of the classic Valentine's candy is better than the original. They're worth the special equipment and extra time — this candy will have people oohing and aahing.

5. Handwritten Valentine Cupcakes With Chocolate Glaze

Are you planning to make homemade cupcakes as your Valentine's treat? Personalize them by writing a loving message with a small round icing tip. Practice on some wax paper before starting so you get the hang of it.

6. Red Velvet Cookie Pops

It doesn't get any cuter, or Valentines-ier, than these cookie pops. They're bright red and heart-shaped, and delicious, too. Take these cookies to work or send with your child to school.

7. Dark Chocolate Bark With Roasted Almonds and Seeds

For a very easy but sophisticated treat, take just a few minutes to make dark chocolate bark. Try mixing it up with different fillings like other nuts and dried fruit. This candy is a great option for low-sugar diets.

8. Be-My-Valentine Cookies

A heart-shaped cookie dipped in chocolate is a crowd-pleasing Valentine's dessert. Decorate them however you want and try different kinds of chocolate for dipping. These cookies are fun to make with kids!

9. Pink Peppermint Marshmallows

Want a treat that is classically pink? Look no further than these fluffy, homemade peppermint marshmallows. They make a great gift for a non-chocolate eater, or a hot cocoa lover.

10. Chocolate Cherry Chocolate Chunk Fudgy Brownies

These fudgy brownies are everything you want in a Valentine's treat: Chocolate? Check. Red cherries? Yep. Decadent? You bet! They're chewy and rich and will melt any chocolate lover's heart.

11. Rice Krispie Treat Pops

If you're sick of chocolate this time of year, make these easy and fast pops. Simply whip up some Rice Krispie treats, let them set, and then cut them out with a heart-shaped cutter. Add an optional stick and get creative with the decorations.

12. Chocolate-Mint Thins With Candy Cane Crunch

If you have a Girl Scout cookie lover in your life, try making these homemade chocolate-mint thins with the embellishment of red candy cane. These are great out of the freezer, too!

13. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

A sweet that is simple but delicious and oh-so-Valentine's appropriate. Decorate your chocolate-covered strawberries with all sorts of things: white chocolate, sprinkles, cookie crumbs, or crushed nuts.

14. White Chocolate Valentines

Ditch the usual disposable card this year and make an edible valentine out of white chocolate! Have fun embellishing with different colors of chocolate and write a fun message. Your loved one can enjoy the sentiment and eat it too!

15. 3-Ingredient Valentine's Day Fudge

This Valentine's fudge is very easy to make with only three ingredients: white chocolate, sweetened condensed milk and M&Ms. You can change it up by using different M&Ms — peanut butter would be especially good.

What special treats will you make for your Valentine this year?

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If you're not sure what to get your partner for Valentine’s Day, try making one of these delicious homemade treats. | #valentinesday #DIY #valentinesgift

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