15 Fantastic Chalkboard Paint Projects


If you haven't been watching home decor trends over the past few years, you might have missed the chalkboard paint phenomenon. Good news, though: It's still going strong. And when I started brushing this useful and stylish coating onto my walls and other projects, it was mostly available in standard black. Now the options are many — you can even make your own unique blend using ½ cup acrylic paint (in any color) and a tablespoon of sanded grout. (See also: 25 Things to Do With Used Corks)

How will you use your batch? I'm here to help! The following projects make creative use of this ubiquitous medium. With each, you'll want to season before using, which means shading a thin layer of chalk over the whole, erasing, and then drawing and doodling to your heart's content.

1. Calendar

Use an old window to make this cute weekly Chalkboard Calendar. You'll want to choose a window that has more than seven panes in all. Then paint each pane and let dry before writing. You can even add hooks for hanging coats and bags if you like.

2. Magnetic Board

I love this freestanding Magnetic Chalkboard upcycled from an old mirror. The author used sheet metal cutouts to achieve the magnetic feature, but you can also try a can of magnetic primer applied directly onto the mirror (under the chalkboard paint) for a much easier solution.

3. Framed Chalkboard

Rather than cover your entire wall using chalkboard paint, try sectioning off single area for this Framed Chalkboard effect. After cutting pine boards with a compound miter saw, this family screwed and glued together their frame before staining. You can either paint the actual wall and mount the frame over top of it or, alternatively, paint a piece of plywood that fits inside the frame.

4. Another Framed Board

Better yet, skip all the construction and use an old wall mirror or picture frame as your project base. This particular tutorial is helpful with deciding between using standard brush-on chalkboard paint versus the newer spray-on kind. Whatever you end up choosing, you'll prime and paint the mirror or glass and then let dry.

5. Party Favors

These Monogram Party Favors are fun for kids and adults alike, and they only cost two dollars a pop. Just find large wooden letters at your local craft shop. Then sand and prime them before smoothing on a couple coats of chalkboard paint.

6. Play Table

As a mom, I find this DIY Chalkboard Play Table absolutely genius. You can use an old table you already own or pick one up on the cheap at your local thrift shop. From there, paint the legs whatever color speaks to your playful side. The trick is slathering several coats of chalkboard paint onto the top and letting your child's imagination go wild.

7. Garden Markers

Those of you with green thumbs will enjoy this Chalkboard Garden Marker project. Paint stir sticks are the star of the show (and cheap to boot). Coat them with chalkboard paint and let dry. The author uses a chalk marker versus standard chalk for more precise labeling.

8. Kitchen Jars

Organize your pantry using these Labeled Glass Jars using — you guessed it — chalkboard paint. Clean your container thoroughly before taping off the section you want to paint. Slap on a few coats and let dry before labeling.

9. Serving Platter

Whether you're hosting a fancy wine and cheese soiree or an informal potluck, this Chalkboard Serving Tray will come in handy. The author made it by painting an old cabinet door. You could also use an existing platter or even large plate.

10. Refrigerator

I know. This idea sounds crazy. Would you believe I painted my refrigerator using chalkboard paint? Our range and dishwasher are both black and the fridge was an off white, so rather than buying a matching appliance, I thought I'd give painting a try. So far, it's holding up well. Advice? Make sure you prime first.

11. Pantry Organizer

I painted the inside of our pantry door with chalkboard paint as well, creating a DIY Command Center to stay organized. It eliminates searching for scrap paper to make grocery lists, that's for sure. Plus, I like how it looks.

12. Clipboard

This Chalkboard Clipboard looks easy to make and quite functional. I'd love to paint several and arrange on a wall in my office for mega-organization. You could pretty much use one of these guys in any room of the house, and I think they'd make fabulous frugal gifts.

13. Staircase

The Chalkboard Staircase in this home is quite unexpected, yet it adds some interesting flair and personality to an otherwise boring space. The family uses the area to write positive affirmations that foster confidence and strength in their kids. I like the whole concept.

14. Banner

There are many reasons to celebrate with this all-occasion Chalkboard Banner. Just pick up some wooden shapes at a craft store, paint them, string on some twine, and write your message. Festive decor: Done!

15. Gift Tags

This tutorial is actually for Chalkboard Ornaments, but I think the finished product could double as amazing gift tags for any holiday. Much like with the banner above, you'll want some wooden cutouts in different shapes to paint. Let dry and tie to gifts with ribbon.

Have you chalkboarded anything in your home? Leave us a note in comments!

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Thank you for including my magnetic chalkboard here!

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I love this post. I’ve been wanting to try AS chalk paint for a long time. Two things holding me back. It’s expensive and I fear I will make a disaster of my piece of furniture. Thanks for the inspiration! Your piece is beautiful.

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R. Prosser

You can add Necklaces and Placemats. it's so fantastic and incredible.