15 Fresh Corn Recipes You'll Swoon Over


Corn is a vegetable that just feels like summer, doesn't it? Nothing beats an ear of corn, especially when it's dripping with melting butter and salt. But here are 15 fresh corn recipes to use up that bounty in delicious, frugal ways.

1. Mexican Street Food

Called elotes, this street food is almost obscenely delicious. Anytime you slather something in chili, lime, and cheese, you have my full attention. Yes, it's messy, but it's also delicious. I use light mayonnaise, and I like to add a little cumin.

2. On the Grill

One of my good friends turned me on to this method of grilling corn on the barbeque. Boy, is this ever good alongside a ribeye steak!

3. Creamed Corn

Homemade creamed corn is completely different from canned. You won't even recognize it, and I bet you eat every bite. Please do not leave out the chives, which this recipe lists as "optional." I think they add a lot.

4. Fresh Corn Salad

Looking for a light lunch? Check out this Southwestern quinoa salad. It also makes a great potluck dish.

5. Vegan Corn Chowder

You will love this creamy corn chowder, which is made without dairy. The recipe gives instructions for how to use the "milk" from corn kernels, which gives the chowder a creamy texture. It also uses coconut milk, but don't worry — it isn't overly sweet.

6. Fritters

These fresh corn fritters are absolutely perfect with shrimp and some coleslaw on the side. An ice cold beer to sip doesn't hurt, either.

7. Fresh Corn Salsa

I like those little bowl-shaped tortilla chips with this black bean salsa recipe because they hold more of it. This is a terrific appetizer, but also is great in a fish taco. I confess that I substituted jalapeno pepper because habaneros or Scotch bonnets are much too hot for my taste.

8. Corn Pancakes

Got Bisquick in your pantry? Make up some pancake batter, and add some fresh corn. This is great with maple syrup.

9. Corn Waffles

Same baking mix, even snazzier in a waffle iron. Try them with sour cream and salsa for dinner for a fun change.

10. Make a Sauce

Plain ol' chicken, or a piece of fish get more glamorous when you add a fresh corn sauce. I like this as it is, but it's also yummy with a little Tabasco.

11. Vegetarian "Three Sisters" Stew

Native Americans figured out that squash, beans, and corn grow well together. Cut up some acorn or kabocha squash; add a can of drained beans (I like pintos) and two cups of fresh corn off the cob. Add some vegetable broth and simmer until squash is tender.

12. Ice Cream

Ice cream? Sure, why not. Corn ice cream is a popular flavor in Mexico. It makes sense, when you think about it, as fresh corn is sweet and starchy.

13. Fancy Cornbread

This is a great cheat. Buy a box of Jiffy Cornbread mix. To the regular recipe on the box, add a half-cup of fresh corn kernels, ¼ cup of shredded, sharp, cheddar cheese, and two tablespoons of bacon bits. Bake as directed. Slather with butter.

14. Corn Salad

Doesn't corn look sportier when it's a little charred? It also gives it a smokey flavor, which is so good in this grilled corn salad. I added some diced chicken breast to mine to "make it a meal."

15. Corn Pizza

Corn on pizza? Sure, it's delicious. I use a ready-made crust and jarred alfredo sauce to keep things easy. Roll out the crust, add alfredo sauce, and fresh corn from the cob. I like to add some sliced sausage and a little sage. Bake according to package directions and serve.

What other frugal spins can you put on fresh corn? Share with us in the comments!

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