15 Genius Kitchen Storage Solutions

I'm no stranger to a tiny, cramped kitchen. Thing is, I have a food blog and a passion for cooking and baking — so I've had to get creative with my storage to make my operation run smoothly. Thankfully, with a little attention to detail (and some clever solutions), you can carve out counter space you didn't know you had and even organize your stuff so it's easier to find. (See also: 15 Things in Your Kitchen You Should Throw Out Today)

Here's how.

1. Wire Baskets

Don't discriminate when it comes to storage. Those decorative wire baskets used more traditionally for mail and magazines make a perfect place to stash stuff in your kitchen. Hang a double tiered basket on the side of your island or cabinets to wrangle tea towels, paper plates, or whatever else you need to get off your counters.

2. Shower Caddy

Speaking of repurposing, check out this produce rack made from a shower caddy. You can easily find a caddy of this size for less than $10. The rest is finding a spot you like and hanging it with Command hooks.

3. Magazine Rack

I love this idea to use an old magazine rack to hold baking pans versus stacking them in messy cabinets. Not only does this solution look great, but it also serve a major purpose. Though the blogger who served up this idea decided to paint her magazine rack, I would have kept mine natural for easier cleaning (all those chocolate chips from the cookies I make would inevitably end up on that crisp white paint!).

4. Tilt Storage

You know those fake cabinet "doors" by your sink? If you own your home, consider turning them into something functional with this DIY Tilt Storage tutorial. The tip out trays you'll need for this project cost about $10 each. Once you're ready to start, just remove the false drawer fronts, install your tilt hinges, hang your trays, and enjoy!

5. Folger's Tubs

Here's a brilliant example of turning trash into treasure: Repurposed Coffee Containers. They can hold your bulk goods or whatever else you might want to corral — and they're virtually free. Just clean out the can, spray with your favorite color paint, and slap on some chalkboard labels. (See also: 15 Fantastic Chalkboard Paint Projects)

6. Hanging Pipes

I recently made my own Industrial Pot Rack using a couple plumbing pipes, connectors, and spray paint. Going with non-galvanized pipes helped save me some money on this project. Plus, you can paint them whatever color matches your kitchen. Best of all, the rack is an incredibly sturdy structure that will hold strong for years to come.

7. Freestanding Rack

If you can't drill holes in your walls, try this temporary pot rack (the last photo in the series) which is nothing more than an old ladder with S-hooks. You can take it wherever you decide to move. The biggest difficulty of the project is finding the right height ladder, so check out thrift and antique shops, as well as Craigslist and any local classifieds.

8. Door Organizer

Check out this other amazing (and temporary) solution: the Kitchen Door Organizer. The author of this project found a plantation-style door at her local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (just $5!). From there, she gave it new life with a coat of paint and accent color. The storage works using a system of hooks, freeing up cabinet space for stuff that can't so easily hang out.

9. Hanging Basket

I love a good three-tiered hanging basket in almost any room in the house. It's cheap, looks good, and serves a purpose. And, yes, in the kitchen, it's particularly useful. Snag one for less than $10 and let it rock your storage world. (See also: 16 Home Purchases Under $10 That Are Well Worth The Money)

10. Cork Door

Our refrigerator ends up being a catch-all for papers, coupons, bills, and hastily scrawled recipes. Get that pile of paper out of sight by installing cork tiles inside one of your cabinet doors. You can stick anything your heart desires on this instant cork board — and you might even be able to find your supplies at the Dollar Store.

11. Kitchen Armoire

Missing some major cabinets? I've totally been there, multiple times. For our lack of storage, we'd use what we had — in one case, a dresser — to make up for the deficit. This Kitchen Pantry Armoire idea is super cool. I think the poster used it more for aesthetically pleasing display, but I'm sure you can organize a bunch of plates, cups, and even food inside without it looking too crowded.

12. Spice Jars

Make some DIY Spice Jars and hot glue magnets to the back so you can hang them on your fridge. If you have some old baby food jars at your disposal, this project is easy. Clean off the labels, then stick on new ones using Mod Podge. You could also use tiny Ball jars at a low price and even hang some metal strips in a cabinet door if you wanted everything out of sight. (See also: 12 Herbs and Spices Every Pantry Should Have)

13. Wrap Dispensers

This Wrap Dispenser idea is so easy, I'm going to install a couple in my own kitchen tonight! Give tin foil, plastic wrap, parchment and wax papers a home using inexpensive adhesive hoots on the inside of a cabinet door. It's as simple as that.

14. Smart Hooks

While you're at it, use any leftover hooks wherever they might come in handy. This baking nook got a dose of clean when the owner stuck mixer attachments to the cabinet with hooks. You can also use them to hang measuring cups and spoons in one convenient place so you're not searching when you should be baking.

15. Smart Board

Even if your stuff is neatly organized, sometimes there just isn't enough counter space to do what you need to do. Consider investing in a sink cutting board that fits right over your sink (and sometimes stove) to give a few extra feet of workspace. I have used this idea for years without a special board — sometimes all you need is just a large cutting board to bridge the gap.

How do you maximize kitchen storage space? Please share in comments!

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15 Genius Kitchen Storage Solutions

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