15 Nutritious Breakfasts for People With Busy Mornings


Everyone has nutty mornings. And with all of the hustle and bustle, making breakfast is often not high on the list. Luckily, there are ways to avoid the pre-packaged muffin or skipping breakfast altogether, and all they require is a little planning ahead.

Don't get caught hungry tomorrow morning — try one of these 15 recipes and start your day right!

1. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

A nutritious and time-efficient way to start the day is with a smoothie. Throw the ingredients in a blender, whirl it up, and then take it to go. It's also the easiest thing to "eat" during your commute. Peanut butter and banana is a great combo since it provides nutrients and some much-needed protein to hold you over until lunch.

2. Breakfast Burrito

Take a little time out of your Sunday afternoon and make yourself a bunch of burritos. Then resist the urge to eat them all and freeze them for an awesomely quick breakfast. You can pull one straight out of the freezer and microwave it, or pack it and take to work and zap it there.

3. Whole Wheat Muffin

Make a batch of whole wheat muffins the night before for a lightly sweet but nutritious treat for the whole family. Throw in flax, chia seeds, or nuts for an added boost, and try different fruits and flavors. They're perfectly portable and will last a few days in an airtight container. Freeze them for longer storage.

4. Yogurt Parfait

These pretty layered treats are fast and easy to transport, and they feel like a real treat. You can change up the fruits, toppings, and granola to suit your taste or mood. Plus, the fiber in the granola will fill you up until next meal time.

5. Homemade Bars

Cook up a bunch of homemade granola or protein bars one night and you'll have a effortless breakfast or snack to go. And, if you make them yourself, you'll know they are only full of good stuff — many store-bought varieties contain artificial ingredients.

6. Eggs in a Mug

Did you know you can make scrambled eggs in a microwave? Make a very quick, high-protein, single-serving breakfast in less than two minutes. Top with a little cheese, green onions, or diced green pepper and season to taste.

7. Overnight Oats

Forget those little packets! You can have a hearty bowl of homemade oatmeal without even turning on the stove. Just mix up a few ingredients and refrigerate overnight. Eat as-is in the morning or heat up in the microwave for a warm meal. Try different flavorings and toppings to mix things up.

8. Mini Frittatas

For an eggy breakfast, bake a batch of little frittatas in a muffin tin. They're perfectly portioned and you can refrigerate and reheat them for up to a week. Play around with the fillings — try a Southwestern version with pepper, onion, and cheddar; or an Italian version with mozzarella, tomato, and basil.

9. Oatmeal Smoothie

You can get all of the fiber and whole grain of oatmeal with the convenience of a delicious smoothie. The texture is surprisingly smooth, but it's more filling than your average smoothie and will help you go the distance during your work day.

10. Chia Pudding

Chia is a nutritionally-dense little seed that's high in fiber. It also happens to make a great pudding with little to no effort. Mix up your pudding and store it in the fridge for up to four days. Add different fresh fruit toppings and nuts or granola.

11. Savory Muffins

Not all muffins are sweet! For another make-ahead easy-to-take-with-you breakfast, try baking savory muffins. You can make them vegan, vegetarian, or include a little lean protein. The flavor combinations are endless, and they're great at room temperature or warmed.

12. Fruit and Peanut Butter

It sounds like something you'd pack in a kid's lunch, but for a very quick breakfast, an apple or banana with natural peanut butter works perfectly. Fresh fruit is always refreshing in the morning, and the peanut butter adds protein and staying power.

13. Breakfast Cookies

Getting up in the morning won't seem so bad when you know you can have cookies for breakfast. Healthy ones, of course! They're so easy to pack and so easy to eat, and the espresso beans add a pick-me-up.

14. Mason Jar Oatmeal

For another fast oatmeal method, simply toss your oatmeal in a mason jar along with seasoning and sweetener, top with boiling water, and give it a good shake. Pack it in your lunch bag and take it to work, and you'll have warm oatmeal when you arrive.

15. Trail Mix

When all else fails, throw together a big batch of trail mix and keep it in your bag or your desk. That way if you miss breakfast, you'll have something sweet and salty to eat. Mix up the nuts and fruit to get your favorite flavor combination. It's also good to have handy if you need a quick, healthy snack.

How do you do breakfast on busy mornings?

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